The Borgias


The Borgias chronicles the corrupt rise of patriarch Rodrigo Borgia to the papacy, where he proceeds to commit every sin in the book to amass and retain power, influence and enormous wealth for himself and his family. The unbounded audacity of this original crime family went on to inspire Machiavelli’s The Prince and Mario Puzo’s The Godfather.

Jeremy Irons plays Rodrigo Borgia, the man who becomes the Pope in 1492 and he does what ever needs to be done to retain the power. Jeremy Irons plays the character so well that at times I don’t know if he is a bad guy or just slightly misunderstood, but he is fantastic on the show. This is one of the best shows that I have seen in a while, I’m not the biggest fan of the shows based on the 15th century but this show really shocks you and leaves you on the edge of your seat with anticipation of whats going to happen next and what is involved with the Papacy, if you have seen it then you should watch it.

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  1. If you liked “The Borgias” check out “Camelot” and “Game of Thrones” those are two awesome shows as well! Camelot has our favorite actor Joseph Fiennes (previously on Flash Foward) as Merlin and it tells the story of King Arthur!

    Game of Thrones is just something else! Check them out and tell me what you think!

  2. @Jacqui – Yeah I’m watching Games of Throne now! Its Amazing!

  3. looks interesting, is it similar to tudors?

  4. They were just renewed for a second season which is awesome!

    Noon, they are kinda like the tudors but more like the godfather :)

  5. @noon – Honestly I think its better then Tudors!

    @Jacqui – Its going to be awesome! Can’t wait to see it!

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