Congrats to Mubarak Al Rumaidhi!


Fantastic job Mubarak and the RedBull Drift Competition this weekend! He came in 3rd place, and the first two spots went to professional racers, so on that scale Mubarak is number one on my scale. I would hope that he could participate in the race in Lebanon but that only goes to first place. Lets hope that Mubarak goes on to bigger and better competitions so he can show skills. Thanks to GulfRun, HuperOptik Kuwait, and Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Co fo sponsoring him and supporting him in this endeavor. I hope more events such as these take place in Kuwait, and I hope better venues start popping up in Kuwait for events like these.

Thanks to 7ajieDude for the video coverage! Thanks to HisHersQ8 for the great coverage! Loved seeing the photos!

Link: GulfRun

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mabrook!!! I witnessed his talent firsthand at GulfRun and the guy is brilliant mashallah. On to bigger and better things inshallah!

  2. Kuwaity

    Very good driving !
    There too many 350 Zs in Kuwait, I saw only two guys that can drive. This one and only one other guy!

  3. Great driving from him and I went up and congratulated his efforts after the event was done.
    Asked to check the engine and surprisingly it was completely stock. Even the engine cover was still on it. I said wow thats some pretty good driving skills to drift the car like that, and the Z has a great chasis, but shouldn’t you mod your car up? I was replied with wheres the money going to come to do that?
    Um? He’s sponsored by 3 different companies and he didn’t even mod his car? It’s completely stock. Good driving skill but cmon dude mod your car up put a new suspension and adjust the gear ratios for good drifting AT LEAST.

  4. Mashallah. Mabrook.
    I had VIP access through a kind invitation from Red Bull but unfortunately it got very dusty for the kids and I turned back to go home.

  5. @elwehbi – Inshalla!

    @Kuwaity – Very true! I have seen the other guy too he is amazing as well!

    @yousef5 – I think he has plans to modify the car in certain ways and not everything was spent for this competition! This man can drift anything! Love the way he drives!

    @BuYousef – Next time inshalla! Hopefully this dust settles down!

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