Driving The Italia 458

Recently I had the chance to get my hands on the Ferrari Italia 458, I wasn’t expecting to find it in the Exotic Racing line up in Las Vegas. As soon as I saw I had to get my hands on it, I booked it for as much as possible around the track. Last time I was there I drove the F430 Scuderia and I was impressed with that car, I didn’t know what to expect with the 458.

As soon as I got behind the wheel I saw that bright and lovely digital dial with so much information being presented and one big RPM. The instructor sitting to my right gave me the details of the car and told me what to do to get the most out of it. At first he had me driving in normal mode so the car won’t slip too much. A few laps around the track and he said I said driving it a bit too soft, I could push it on the corners, turn harder, it will hold. I tried going faster and faster, that car held really well, my blood got pumping around a few tight corners where I carried the speed really well. At one point the grin on my face was stuck and I was on a high, that car is amazing, the Italia was performs as good as it looks. It sounds so good as you throttle out of the corner and it hugs the corners so well, I had a few close mishaps but luckily the car did well even on the sportier setting. I still had traction control on and I loved driving it around the track, its a lovely experience for anyone. Italians know how to breed them.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Fahad

    Did you go to exotic racing? I’m thinking of trying that place out

  2. il pazzo

    the italia makes the F430 look worthless, would love to have a go in it

  3. Abdullah z

    Based on your reviews and travels, looks like money is not an issue to you, I think you could easily afford to buy your “Own” Ferrari Italy 458!

  4. The 458 is a brilliant car! Definitely one of Ferrari’s finest creations in regards to performance. Hypothetically, would you buy one after driving one?

  5. lucky m0f0
    was it on race or street tires?

  6. akbar

    Abdullah, he is driven by passion in everything he does especially driving n riding. And its a mere coincidence he got recently married. Spending comes naturally in the first few years of marriage, its the law.

  7. Just by reading the post.. i have a smile on my face!

  8. Amar

    Love reading your posts, have been doing so for some time now. A lot of the stuff you review is really interesting, especially this!
    Where did you do this? Do they have a site.

    But seriously and in all honesty, you need to update your about me “… enjoys the simple things in life..” your hobbies are certainly NOT simple things!

  9. It seems Vegas has a lot to offer during daylight too :) next time I’ll sleep at night for a change when Im there…

  10. @Fahad – I have been to Exotic Racing twice now and I really enjoy it! This is one of them!

    @Frankom – $400 for 9 laps!

    @il pazzo – You said it!

    @Abdullah z – I wish it was that simple but that isn’t the case! I’m far from owning a 458! Bikes are much cheaper! lol

    @elwehbi – Amazing car! Great to drive! U can feel everything! But wouldn’t want to drive it in Kuwait! Its really not practical!

    @vampire – Street Tires! And still it was holding!

    @akbar – LooooooL! I edited it a bit! lol

    @Yousuf M – Lol! Happy u enjoyed the post!

    @Amar – I did it @ Exotic Racing in Las Vegas! For 120 KD you get to thrash the car on a track! With professional guidance!

    @BuYousef – You shouldn’t miss all the other activities in Vegas! There is a lot to do off the strip!

  11. Kuwaity

    I think you are going to replace your German with this Italian beauty like you did with Robo and the Ducati !

    Did your wife drive with you or just takes some snap shots like mine during a track session !?!

  12. @Kuwaity – I have to say that the German is staying for now! I enjoy that beast too much! Nope! She drove and kicked ass! She knew how to handle her car! I have to say I was proud!

  13. Kuwaity

    That is good! Mine is far from cars, I have to do things I like alone!

    Hint to singles: get the girl that likes what you like !! LOL

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