IOGEAR DCS1644 Dual Screen DVI KVM

For those of you who have more PCs then screens a KVM is always the best option. A few years ago their weren’t too many options, especially if you are looking for multiple screens and multiple machines. If you want a three screen setup on one machine your best bet is to stick to one machine and not use a kvm but if you have multiple machines then this is the way to go.


  • Easily handles dual screen mode on 2560+ resolution with movies and games without an issue
  • Very clean and sleek design
  • Came with all the cables to connect 4 machines with dual screens
  • Keeps the resolution of the PC even when it restarts and it isn’t the machine actively on the screen


  • Doesn’t work with the latest wireless mice
  • A bit expensive but most Dual DVI KVMs are around that price if not more

Overall: Love the KVM and it works with any operating system, but I can’t believe it doesn’t recognize my wireless mouse, for something that expensive you would think they could have taken care of something such as this especially since its been around for a while.

Link: Amazon
Price: $475

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  1. A cheaper alternative would be to install input director, this way you want use one keyboard/mouse (wireless or wired) to control up to 9 machines at the same time. With this software, you will treat the different machines as just a screen extension, move the mouse to the edge and voila your on another screen/machine.

    Why i like this is very simple, i am playing a game on one machine, while another is downloading the latest movies/anime and another screen is ripping some DVDs/IM’ing or whatever …

    I am trying to stay as clear as possible from hardware solutions .. software is the way forward (PS: You need a network connection for this to work)

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