Concrete Fortress In Warsaw

There’s security, and then there’s paranoia. The Safe House outside Warsaw, in Poland, appears to fall decisively into the latter category. It looks all bright and airy — almost Miesian, at first blush. But in an instant, the whole thing can mutate, Transformer-style, into an impenetrable concrete fortress that makes your local survivalist’s panic room look like a baby’s crib.

When I first saw the structure I thought it was interesting, I kept going back and forth between the pictures. I realized that this home is a fortress, completely armored home perfect to hold your ground against zombies. These are fully moveable walls operating on self sufficient mechanisms to keep the inhabitants from all exterior threat, and there are safe zones between the entrance and the main house that must be cleared with the right passcodes so you may enter. I don’t have a clue why someone would need a structure such as this in Poland but its damn cool, I wonder how much it cost to put in the machines that can move all these walls. And yes it has a retractable bridge, unless it had the Batcave right under it it couldn’t get any cooler.

Link: Freshhome

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  1. Man, I can’t believe how amazing this house is!

  2. aaaaaah… Where do you think our gov. is gon give out land in 2021 its around the time i get my housing land :P lol.. I think i have to start saving up :P

    I love modern designed houses o the use of technology just makes it more and more desirable for me.. hmm.. Good thing i saw this post before going to bed now i have something to dream about :p

  3. Love contemporary designs and this one takes it to a whole new level!

    Looks like it’s “zombie apocalypse” proof lol

  4. il pazzo

    simpley amazing design … it’s torture :(
    i would rather cut the grass with my teeth than sit at my desk every morning … now that’s an exciting job :p

  5. la6ufa

    one word: 3ajeeb!

  6. buttoye

    This is madness… the coolest house ive ever seen… this would be perfect in Pakistan… im adding to Favs for the day I win the lottery and build this house up in the mountains…

  7. I was in Cape Town and saw some truly beautiful homes. Every single one had HUGE yellow signs outside saying things like ‘electrified fence’ or ‘armed response unit’… I would hate to live in such fear – no matter how golden the cage is. Thank God for our safety and security here…

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