That name knows no borders, we all watched him back in the 80s and many of us remember Grendizer foundly. Recently while traveling I came across this Grendizer model I picked it up right away without a second thought. This is larger model and I was happy that I saw when I picked it up, it fit perfectly next to all the other ones currently on my shelves.



When I saw Grendizer I remembered the theme song playing in Arabic and remembered watching it on the TriColor Sony TV we have back in the 80s. Kuwait TV Channel used to be so advanced back in the day, they dubbed the best shows and we all loved them. Download stickam videos here I hope that they restart the franchise again like they did Mazinger Z & Mazinkaiser.





















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ah the good old memories of this beast are flourishing.

  2. I hate you :)
    i wanted this since last weekend heheh

    M! says rich MF


  3. Dalia


    May I ask please, from where did you purchase it, Grendizer?

    Thank You

  4. mentabolism

    hobby link japan…you can order it online…thats where i got mine from :)

  5. @Mentabolism: HLJ is sold out on all Grendizer stuff, the only option now is e-bay :(

  6. momo

    very nice man

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