Connection Speeds in Canada

I was in Canada a little while ago and while I was there I discovered what fast was, we have been living in the dark ages. Every year for the past decade we discover one extra megabyte going faster and faster. I plugged in the ethernet cable to the laptop only to discover light speed internet connectivity and the downloads were insane. I had it for about 5 days and it was bliss, thinking that we can only have a maximum of 20 MB with fiber connectivity is something to look forward to but 30-60 MB Downloads with 57MB Uploads are what dreams are made of.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I doubt we will see those speeds in Kuwait any time soon.

    So…how much did you download? :P

  2. Up until a couple of months ago I was able to achieve the speed I had back in the states during early 2000 (8Mbps) at home in Kuwait! I know that speeds have risen up to 100Mbps in certain areas!!! (Allah ekhallif 3alainah) :-(

  3. Amar

    This is what I love about being at home in Canada.

    Your provider was Telus, you must have been on the West Coast, where were you? I am also curious to know if you were in a hotel. I would assume so as telus hasnt distributed this speed much to homes.

    Its a turn on when I go back home and download files and movies. Im salivating just thinking about it…

  4. “Dark ages” is correct. I can’t believe how behind we are.

  5. We seem to be going backwards. All the ISPs have increased their charges while connectivity sucks as usual. Not to mention many areas in Kuwait still have DSL lines which can’t support more than 2MB. :(

  6. ليش عوار القلب هذا :(((((

  7. That really hurts!
    I’m paying for 4 and am barely getting 1 from Qualitynet.

  8. CHase

    Not the dark ages people. Maybe in some states. Suddenlink!!! I have 10mb at home and I get 10mb speed test. If i want 100mb I can pay for it and get it. At my job we have fiber line, and paying for 10mb. We are getting 100mb though. I can speedtest right now and see 45mb down 75mb up. Just have to find the right provider!!!

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