Strawberry Cheescake from Chocolate Bar

Food is something that I look forward to during the day and sweets don’t come into mind. Recently I had the chance to have the Strawberry Cheesecake from Chocolate Bar and it was heaven. I am not a man for sweets but I couldn’t believe how good this tasted. Taking a bite into it feels like a bundle of joy, and I just want to keep taking more and more bites into this cake. I haven’t had that much cake in the longest time and I keep thinking about that cake, probably the best Strawberry Cheesecake I have had in a long time.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. gonna order one for the next family gathering

  2. oh man! screw the diet, I’m having it this weekend :)

  3. kim

    That looks amazing! I will be needing dessert tonight.

    …the cake is a lie : )

  4. Hmmm interesting! never considered chocolate bar for cakes! we might get it for our next gathering! :) 3awafy!

  5. looks like a killer , bon appetite !

  6. looks like a killer , bon appetit !

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