Games Of Throne – Must Watch

Kings, queens, knights and renegades use schemes and swords to battle for the throne.

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A show developed by HBO which revolves around a Kingdom with a one Lord who fights to protect the realm, drawn into a web of politics and lies. HBO has invested so much into the show and it is well worth every penny. There is so much to it and I keep waiting for every episode. It is taking place in a medieval realm with snow to the north and so much to do in the realm. My favorite character is Ned Stark who is the leader of the North and you don’t know what to expect from show and I’m loving every episode.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. This has got to be one of those shows with a “cross over” edge/aim from HBO.

    I LOVE IT !

    HBO is known for their KOKO raw mentality, I guess with this production, they’ll be able to grab a new type of audience.

    I must say that it keeps be busy till True Blood comes rushing back in with Bill’s creepy voice when he says “SOOOKAAIIIIIHHHHH”

  2. I have been enjoyinh it as well. I just got the show box and have set it to record every episode so i watch it later on ;)

  3. il pazzo

    so far this show has rocked, though it’ll create another LOTR like freaks … still it’s an amazing show to watch ;)

  4. Dubai

    How can I get it in Kuwait? Is it sold anywhere? Dubai? I recommend pillars of the earth the tv series

  5. Dubai I dont think the series is for sell right now as only 3 ep. has been released so far. you can watch it on showtime currently or download it

  6. The pilot episode was great, but it plateaued a little bit afterwards. still one of the best shows on TV at the moment.

  7. No 1 Special

    It’s not on the iTunes store, why is that? :/

  8. “Game of Thrones” is my new “Spartacus”, such an awesome show! My favorite so far is the midget because despite his personality, most of what comes out of his mouth sounds so wise, and how beautiful is the Khalisi? I love how they got signed up for a second season, just from the first episode alone. “The Borgias” is really really good as well. Even the latest version of “Camelot” is pretty cool.

  9. pickles

    E03 just came out ! w00t go grab yours. Ill keep my opinion till the end of S01. still cant judge, still confused about the characters, and havn’t read the books and never will. favorite character the midget such a great actor.

  10. YM965

    Really Good Show !

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