Lego Technic Motorbike

One of the things that I love doing is putting together Lego, for the longest time it is always a pleasure but I never really thought about picking one up until recently. I picked up this simple bike which can be regular street bike or a V-Rod type bike and I went for the V-Rod because it looked cooler.

The key to putting lego together is opening all the bags and putting all the similar pieces together into piles. Make sure its an area that people won’t be touching or moving anything until your done. I always make sure that nothing gets touched or else I might lose a piece that is crucial to the Technic Model.

I decided to dedicate myself to finishing this as soon as possible in an intense time, to finish as fast as possible. After following the instructions for two hours it came together for a very cool Lego Technic Cruiser, and fit very nicely on my bookshelf.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ماشالله عليك لك مزاج وركبتها

  2. Wyn

    Mmmm where did you get that one from? And how much? Thanks Marzouk!

  3. meh

    if you didnt play with it and say VVRRROOOOM ma 3endek salfa :P

  4. Jack

    Can you pls let me know where I can get wide range of Lego toys? Thanks

  5. Looks good. In their Houston shop yesterday I saw a Tower Bridge which looked just great.

  6. My cousin had a F1 LEGO with motor and everything, I forgot what model it was though.

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