My LunaTik & TikTok

A little while back I came across Kickstarter and saw that its a website with people pledging for innovating products and designs. Lunatik was product that was getting a lot of press and for good reason, its an amazingly designed and simple. I pledged for it right away because I liked it even though I don’t have a Nano.

I pledged and got the LunaTik & the TikTok and I picked up a Graphite 16GB Nano when the LunaTik went out for delivery, and then I got a Silver Nano as a gift later on. The funny part is I never had a reason to buy a Nano, I had the old Nano and it was perfect for my riding needs but when this came along I went ahead got one. So I was just waiting for the delivery of the LunaTik to come along.

I got a notification of the arrival in my mailbox at myUS. Right away I had it sent to Kuwait and was looking forward to getting my hands on it. Opening the box right away I love the packaging, so simple and nice design to display the product, and they send you the tools to dismantle the LunaTik. Right away I opened up the TikTok and placed the iPod Nano in it, and started syncing it. Then I opened up the Lunatik

Link: LunaTik

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  1. Nice.

    I had another question though. Are you happy with myUS? I am trying to find a new way for shipment. I’m considering bundle box.

  2. How is the interface? As simple as an iPod?

  3. @His – Thanks! Yup I am extremely happy with MyUS they might be a bit on the higher side when it comes to shipping but they have excellent follow up! I have been using them nonstop for the past two years and loving it!

    @elwehbi – Very simple interface!

  4. Damn you I’m jealous I wanted to grab something while I was in the states the iWatch or the Griffin ones but they weren’t that promising to me! Now I want one of those Lunatiks or TikToks! Which do you recommend?

    And how does it feel riding with the iPod nano on your hand rather than tucked up in a pocket hehe :P

  5. meh

    Do you think it would be convenient to listen to music while running with that?

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