TV Overdose

The last weekend it was a TV overdose, I literally sat as much as possible in front of the screen to watch as much shows as possible. There are a lot of good shows out there right now and I seriously can’t get enough of TV these days.

  • Blue Bloods
  • Games Of Throne
  • Glee – Season 2
  • Outsourced
  • The BIg Bang Theory – Season 4
  • The Borgias
  • The Goodwife – Season 2
  • V – Season 2

I have three shows that I am waiting to watch this summer during those slow days, and its going to be good.

  • Fringe – Seriously need to back on it
  • Sons Of Anarchy
  • Supernatural


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. TV is good for our soul… Will be playing cath up myself this week with all my recorded shows on OSN :)

  2. K.theKuwaiti

    “Fringe – Seriously need to back on it”

  3. Game of thrones, borgias and blue bloods i like to see in the summer for a full season run. The good wife is great this season but youre really missing out on fringe and SoA.

  4. Ahmed

    You NEED to start watching Modern Family! Its hilarious!

    Oh, and is game of thrones really that good?

  5. Ok I gotta check out Game of Thrones. Sounds good :)

  6. Like your TV dose list hehehe :P I am experiencing the same thing however my list is even larger than yours :P

    Booooh yaaaah!

  7. Boodlz

    I need to have a TV overdose this weekend! Im up to date with a couple of shows but i need to catch up with The Borgias, The Killing, Dexter, and Modern Family! Im loving Body Of Proof, did u watch it?

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