Comic Art from Pedro in New York

He is an Artist in SoHo selling in front of shops from his Van and he had some amazing Marvel and DC work done. I love Comic Art and I saw an Amazing Batman that I wanted but I said I would pick up after we were done getting a few things but by the time I got back it was gone.

Talked to him about getting some personal ones done after finding the images I had in mind. Back and forth with the guy and we agreed to 450 for 4 paintings and he came up with some really cool stuff.

The guy didn’t have a cell phone but he had an email which was something new to me. He bought a new phone and topped off the minutes and got back to me on the progress of the paintings. I ended up giving him $20 to top off his phone so he could talk to me when he is done with the work.

Asked him to work on a Superman, Batman, and two Optimus Primes and came below are the amazing the results. I love New York for this reason you get to meet some very interesting people and it is a city which attracts artist and creative people.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Commissioned work from a sman-in-a-van… Nice :)

  2. Dalal

    Beautiful artwork! I see you picked out Jim Lee’s drawings for you paintings. For me I would have picked Jim Lee, Adam Hughes, Bruce Timm, and Tim Sale for the paintings :D

  3. @Bu Yousef – Thanks man! lol! Yup I just saw it and had to have it!

    @Dalal – Thank you! I agree I’m a huge fan of Jim Lee! The art work from some of the others was a bit more difficult to replicate! But they came out ALOT better then I expected! I had a huge smile on my face when I saw them!

  4. Khalid

    Marzouq, Killer choices, he does some great work. Any chance you still have that email. I’d love to commission him for some work also!

    Thanks buddy

  5. Ali

    The Vendetta painting is awesome

  6. Very cool and Artistic !! ;)

    Are you into japanese animas dude?

  7. What a great find! Nice artwork fit for any room :)

    btw, wheres the second Optimus Prime?

  8. mahmood tifouni

    hala marzouq , in 2003 i bought a huge super heroes painting from soho i think its the same guy,,, send me ur email ill send u a picture

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