Viva Data Caps – Sucks!


In the last 24 hours Viva has applied data caps all its internet “Unlimited” package. It used to be the favored internet connectivity for people and companies. With these Caps it has become useless, people don’t realize the amount of data used when your surfing sites like Youtube or gaming online. Thankfully I’m dependent on the Fasttelco and Kems for my gaming and Downloading needs, and during that time of the crazy dust storms Viva was great but with these Data Caps Viva are now down in the dumps, no reason to keep the subscription, time to end the subscription.

Data Caps:

  • 2GB per Day – I already hit that right away
  • 60GB per Month

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. The average usage for all people should be between 10GB – 15GB a day

    2GB is not fair at all

  2. Zain having a cap but not announced.
    i hit mind, that’s how i found out

  3. Frankom shaklek kela download BLURAY :P

  4. Abdulla

    I just signed my 1 year contract for the 7.2 speed 2 weeks ago and I paid the entire amount. I wasn’t informed about this!! is the money redeemable? better yet, are there any rumors that they might cancel the caps ?!

  5. Viva for gaming? Um, the upload is like 0.001 kb/s, I doubt anyone could even bare playing games with a viva or zain usb 3g thingy.

    And yep, it’s true just like what Gulfnet said, all of Kuwait’s ISPs are going to be implementing FAPs.

    Solution: Stop downloading 1080p quality videos. Download 720p, its just fine. Resolution size is a gimmick and doesn’t determine quality based on your screen size and distance from the screen.

    My Gulfnet has a limit of 1.7gb and we have a 1mbp/s speed. We don’t hit it if we don’t download anything, and thats with frequent youtube and online gaming, BUT, if we decide to download any programs, or update a ps3 game, or try dowmnloading a steam game/updating it, we’ll hit the limit. It’s really really unfair.

  6. I have heard that even companies like quality, fastelco and KEMS will introduce caps in the not so far future

  7. Jassim

    Viva is the worst carrier in Kuwait i signed a 2 year contract for 7.2 connection and i got wireless dial up speed like!!! they block all ports & block download managers segments so that you only use the connection for browsing so i paid 100KD penalty for canceling their shitty service and viva has no customer service! they should have paid me 100KD!

  8. This cap thing really sucks! I understand that they want to reduce the load on their network but 2GB a day is just silly!!

    Other ISP placing caps on their DSL services is just going to be insane! Who would pay 400-500 KD a year for a service with a download limit! be reasonable!

  9. Breeza

    The guy at viva told me that it’s temporary because of a cable issue. He told me to take his word for this! I just signed a contract for the 21.6 Mbps and i’m getting a speed of 5 Mbps (Almost 630 KBps).

    2 GB is equivalent to a single 720p episode..which sucks.

    I’m using my DSL during night and viva during day, I’m still waiting for this limit to be removed..allah a3lam when.

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  11. Caparzo

    @Breeza hope that temporary thing is true but what i know is they have a new CEO which means new management, right?

    Before it was Najeeb Al Alwadhi, correct me guys if i am wrong.

    But with my experience with viva they really sucks now; their customer representatives have different answers and they don’t know what they are saying it is like they have scripts in front of them.

    Well… they got what they wanted their competitor’s customers thats why they have this contract thing… VIVA!!! impression doesn’t last.

  12. Aasif

    hey guyz , im buying the VIVA 7.2 mbps connection 2morrow , i live in mangaf , and im going for viva , because they have an offer with the motorolla XOOM . for 99kd , … is the speed good(download) , and are the download caps going to be removed??

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  14. James

    I subscribed to viva’s sucky 7.2 mbps speed for 2 years last april.

    the download speed was fine, usually around 400 kBps for a month and then suddenly, without any notice, i could not download more than 2 GB per day! I was so mad and frustrated that I kept on cursing viva.

    After a lot of topic searching in the internet, I found out that viva is putting a cap at 2 GB. But based on my observation, it’s not actually 2 GB but it’s around 1.6-1.7 GB.

    After you’ve reached your cap, they throttle your speed to around 256 kbps (32 kBps), which causes your connection to disconnect sometimes, especially if you are playing online.

    Though they are justifying this unfair practice in the guise of Fair Usage Policy, I still think that KD 18 is too much to ask for such a small capacity.

    I’m not saying that the service is bad because the speed is usually consistent, I just feel cheated because 2GB (it’s actually 1.6 GB) per day is largely insufficient for my needs. I was just glad that 21.6 mbps was not available in our area at the time when i signed the contract.

  15. CK

    Why not influence all of the subscriber who’s contract will end or even those who are not and make a bargain with another Provider to offer them NO CAPS.

    Would be a good idea ha!

    I hope somebody could arrange for that.

  16. Que

    I signed a data plan with them on 12 April 2014 and the router stopped working on 16 April 2014!! Went back to the sales office where I signed the contract they refused to help and referred me to Technical staff at Olympia mall. Went to mall they fixed the router and a day later it stopped working AGAIN. Opened a ticket with VIVA customer service and they referred me to technical staff. Spent 40 mins on the phone talking to various technical people and the end result go to the Olympia mall.
    In a nutshell I made a BIG mistake signing with VIVA, WHY:
    – Faulty routers
    – Sales people don’t care after the contract is signed
    – Customer services at 102 give you run around
    – Technical staff at 102 are incompetent and clueless
    – Ultimate solution for anything & everything go to Olympia Mall
    To get out of the contract I have to pay more money; IMAGINE THAT!!!!
    People please think hard before doing business with these VIVA people!!!!

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