Alcatraz & Terra Nova & Charlies Angels

With the cancellation of some of the shows that I like there are some interesting new line ups coming up such as these three. Alcatraz, Terra Nova and Charlies Angels. I watch anything done by JJ Abrahms and in this case it is Alcatraz and it looks very interesting. Terra Nova is from FOX and how humans travel to 85 Million years to the past to start civilization again. Charlies Angel is a reboot and it looks pretty good. So there is a decent line up for next year to keep an eye on.

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  1. You also have “Person of Interest” from JJ Abrams that stars Michael Emerson (Ben Linus).

  2. Boodlz

    Alcatraz looks so good! There is also a mideseason show starring Ashley Judd called Missing, its looks like a movie!

  3. @Bader – I will be sure to check it out!

    @Boodlz – Very cool shows coming out too many to follow at this point! lol

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