Star Wars – Clone Wars

For a little while now I have had the ArtFX Star Wars Clone Troopers Set and I have been waiting for the oppertune time to put them together. Kotobukiya make some very cool models and three of these boxes have parts of one of the clone troopers to make a for a full Clone Troopers. I’m also getting my hands on the Jedi set soon and I do love my Star Wars.

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  1. Yes Kotobukiya does make some nice kits but sometimes the instruction manual is harder to figure out than Bandai’s or Tamiya’s. Was it easy to build this kit?

  2. they look awesome! Kotobukiya always doing a great job!

  3. Essa ALEssa

    fuckin love it

  4. @Mathai – It was a cake walk to build this kit! Very easy!

    @Kal – Exactly! They have fantastic models!

    @Essa ALEssa – Thanks!

    @Bu Yousef – Thanks! I just need a better setting to take photographs in for the models!

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