Karmin Music – Amazing Musicians

This is an amazing music duo, that girl is seriously amazing, her singing capabilities are off the charts. She is sounds like a combination of Gwen Steffani and Nicki Minaj and her facial experssions are pirceless. They execute each one of these songs perfectly, I wonder why they haven’t been signed yet and have their own album. Check out their youtube channel.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. DOD

    They are good, hope to see them do original stuff.

  2. K.theKuwaiti

    They actually announced getting signed on the day you posted this .. (gazir).

  3. Dalal

    3ajeeb! i didnt like the first duo though.. shes amazing

  4. @krkor – Exactly!

    @Bu Yousef – Yup!

    @DOD – I think thats coming up! Check out their Album on iTunes!

    @K.theKuwaiti – LooooL

    @Dalal – They do so many different kinds of music its impressive!

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