Lulu Hypermarket – Al Qurain

I have been passing by the Lulu Hypermarket in Shuweikh for years now and never thought of going in. Then one time on the way to the shalaih I needed to pick up a few items so I decided to stop by Lulu Hypermarket in Al Qurain instead of Sultan Center in Fahaheel. It took me about 5 minutes to get there since it was 5 minutes off of Malik Fahad (40) located in Asawaq Al Qurain, I think it was exit 208. Aswaq Al Qurain is a shopping Complex and its big but it still doesn’t have any permits and has been the case for years so it looks like its a deserted place.

When I walked in I was shocked to see the size of this market and selection of items. I wasn’t too impressed with the bakery but it was very organized. The other items were very diverse with so many kinds, like you can find every kind of cheese in mind, so many kinds of Ketchup, every type of meat in mind. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had Oscar Mayer hotdogs and they tasted amazing on the grill. So many lovely choices and I really did love the selection of items and size of the place. If you haven’t been there its really worth a visit.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Jonyboy

    Eva since Lulu Qurain came up, we do all our grocery shopping there…..thanx to the ample parking space n less crowd n more importantly, the variety of stuffs.

    You shud visit them now….esp with the Mango Mania festival going on. They hav over a 100 varieties of mangoes from all over the world…..and the famous Indian Alfonso mangoes are going really cheap…less than 1 dinar for a kilo.

  2. One of best places for grocery, though they may carry same items in Shuweikh branch i dont suggest you go there. the one in Qurain or Sabhaaan is cleaner and better organized.

  3. Daddyz Girl

    next time get kingsmill bread (London famous toast)! they have it fresh every monday. i swear it’s softer better than my pillow :P

  4. Great place for some of our UK favourites and the location is convenient.

    I HATE their name and, more so, their colours/branding. I want to stab someone whenever I see their logo.

  5. akbar

    bu yusuf, owner/founder is malabari indian :-), he has done a good job in pulling it off successfully at this level. good variety indeed

  6. lulu is my favorite supermarket in Kuwait

  7. My favorite supermarkets in Kuwait! Its the only place I can get steel cut oats from. :)

  8. Tickle to Political

    Loved their sugarcane juice. The only place in Kuwait where you can drink sugarcane juice and not go home with a ” Jleeb belly”.
    Give it a try :)

    @ akbar : Whoa! that is a racist statement. Will have you know Arun Nayar, Liz Hurley’s ex is a malabari Indian also. On their signage and sophistication, I agree with you it is rather loud and so very Dubai.

  9. What's in a Name ?

    How does it matter who owns the place ? It ain’t important where you are from;it’s where you are going that matters.

    Knightsbridgers didn’t stop shopping at Harrods simply because it was under Egyptian management and won’t stop shopping either now that the baton’s been passed on to the Qataris.

  10. Lou Lou Xpress

    Lulu is the shape of things to come. It won’t be long before Dubai based grocers – the Lals, and the Choithrams open shop in Kuwait. And when they do they will give Sultan Centre and City Centre a run for their money.

    In any case, healthy competition is always good. With Choithrams and Lals customer service will be taken to new highs with door step delivery of almost everything something TSC seems to not get a handle on very effectively.
    What I like about the retail experience with Indian stores is you can even order your medicines home by just dialling them.

  11. @Jonyboy – I saw that! So many different kinds of Mangoes! I didn’t know which one to try!

    @360Dewan – Haven’t been to the one in Shuweikh but the one in Qurain is much closer to me!

    @Daddyz Girl – Thank you! I am always looking for good bread!

    @Bu Yousef – LOOOL! Very true their branding is crappy but I couldn’t care less! They have so many things inside its amazing! At first I didn’t know Lulu Hypermarket was a supermarket!

    @akbar – Excellent Grocery store!

    @vampire – Mine too now!

    @Mathai – Very nice!

    @Tickle to Political – Honestly their fruit section was fantastic!

    @What’s in a Name ? – I think he just meant who the owners were!

    @Lou Lou Xpress – CityCenter is already in Dubai and I think Sultan needs the competition! They have been to complacent and need a bit of shake up!

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