Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Art

Seeing this art work got me to remember the 90s and when I used to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I used to think that Shredder was one of the coolest bad guys out there, and I always used to think of cheese when I thought shredder. Who could forget April O’Neal, she used to be friends with four very cool turtles, and I always used to think that Splinter didn’t kick enough ass. But this art work by Dave Rapoza is pretty amazing and I hope to see some more TMNT in the future.

Artist Dave Rapoza has updated the TMNT, and given them all a brand new real-life look. Even the creepy little fly villain, Baxter, from the cartoon got a makeover! Each new piece is both gorgeous and horrifying at the same time. It definitely makes us yearn for the old days of the Foot Clan.

Link: GeekTyrant

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  1. ON

    Where r the good guys! ;(

  2. No 1 Special

    I like the bird in the last picture peeking from behind the pig’s shoulder.

  3. ON – Splinter, Jesse and April would be the good guys in that series…. the artist is working on one of the turtles next according to his blog.

  4. Really cool art! Was also hoping to see the actual “Turtles” themselves!

  5. Great details and dramatic colours.
    Memories of easier times :)

  6. meh

    They forgot “kar3oon”

  7. @ON – They are coming soon!

    @No 1 Special – Lol!

    @tmz_99 – Exactly!

    @elwehbi – They will be coming soon!

    @Bu Yousef – Very true! Simpler times!

    @meh – hehe!

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  9. Albert Nunez

    dont forget casey jones, hes a good guy as well… and baxter looks vicious!!

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