Wimax @Home From Mada

Mada Communications just announced Home Internet Services through WiMax based services. Previously Mada only dealt with Corporate services and clients and didn’t enter the home market, but as of yesterday they have a booth in Marina Mall selling this Modem. For 20 KD a month you get speeds UPTO 10 Mbps, meaning you can get up to that speed but not necessarily stay at that speed. If you sign up this week you can get this package without any Data Caps for the first three months and after that it will be a 20 GB per month Cap, and you don’t have to sign up for a year. After speaking to them they are thinking about putting packages together at a later point to help increase the 20GB cap, maybe for every 5KD extra you pay you get 20GB but that is just a debate at this point. I went to Marina and bought two of them, one for me and one for a friend who lives in Khaldiya. Honestly its pretty cheap and worth trying out to see what kind of download speeds we can get out of it.

This is supposed to be a plug and play system, you switch it on and it works right away. I switched it on by Fintas since that was my first stop and for some reason it didn’t connect. I had other stops throughout the day so I decided to take it with me and plug it in and try it where I go.

It has two Ethernet Ports and Two Telephone Ports for ISDN service which is to be introduced at a later stage. Its not a small device, its about the size of an iPad when you see it but I do like the simple design of it.

Where it worked well:

  • Mishref
  • Shamiya
  • Kuwait City
  • Qadsiya
  • Dahyat Abdulla Al Salem


I got speeds varying from 5 to 8 MB Downloads, and 0.2 to 2.8 MB Uploads which is pretty decent. Overall WiMax technology has been around for a little while now but its still a bit unstable. Overall its an excellent service from Mada Communications and I hope they rethink their Data Cap strategy. I was testing using a direct ftp download to check on the speed fluctuations and it ranged from 500 Kbps to 1100 Kbps which is pretty impressive overall, the pings are bit high though so anyone using it for gaming would be annoyed. I like the service I just hope it doesn’t get too saturated and can support a larger number of customers. Also one note they are still not available by the shalaihaat so its still just within the initial areas within the main residential areas around each ring road start from the 6th ring road and heading towards the city. I’m still going to tweak it and mess around with it but overall its pretty good.

(I Hate Data Caps! So Much!)

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  1. iVision

    Soo it’s no go gaming?!
    I have a 2mb from quality o m6ali3 ro7i in gaming! shall i try Wimax?

  2. Similar to a HSDPA or WCDMA services you get from your cell providers! still data capped! pricing is around the same!

    cell providers are looking into launching LTE technology soon which is way faster than WiMax currently! but they will restrain you those Data caps! I say the best way to go for home users is DSL! and you might want to stick with your cell providers for portable internet!

  3. K.theKuwaiti

    The two phone ports are for voip, not isdn.

  4. Akbar

    If anyone asks me where is Internet in Kuwait, I will say its at Zouq’s place! You sure you arent the cause of the datacaps zouq in Kuwait? :P

    Great post once again. I am tempted to get one but thanks for the headsup, I am on the 10th ring road… so no access for me I guess. Thanks for the heads up m8. Have a good weekend. =)

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  6. Salmiya

    how is the speed in Salmiya?

  7. I just want decent Internet it used to be VIVA and now it’s going downhill! I want a decent internet connection without download caps because well my Apps for my iPhone/iPad alone exceed the 2GB daily data cap! Seriously I have games that are 1GB in SIZE!

  8. Oooh great post! I’m thinking of jumping ship as well. Hope you keep us updated.

  9. @Frankom – Yes it is!

    @iVision – Not that great for gaming honestly!

    @G-Funk – DSL is capped at this point too!

    @K.theKuwaiti – Voip yup!

    @Akbar – I wish I caused the Data issues but they are just acting up!

    @Salmiya – Seems to be very good in Salmiya!

    @Jacqui – Daily DLs is Bull Shit! And right now this seems to be the good option!

    @LuLu Luvs Makeup – Depending where you live this is a pretty good option!

    @Seyed – Very nice!

  10. Mahdi.alsarraf


    abe a3rf chm yo9l el download ( data transfer )

    etha ma 3liik amr …. elyom knt ba5tha bel marina bs trddt

    tn97ni feh … oo 20 GB per month mo shwya ?

    thx 7bebe

  11. @Mahdi.alsarraf – 20 GB per month is too low! way too low! I would wait and see what other packages they currently have in mind before getting it also check with them if your area has very good coverage!

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