Gundam Fix – Psycho Gundam MK-II

You can never have too many Gundam Models, and recently I got both colors of the Pyscho Gundam and one was turned into a space ship and the other one is in full Gundam mode. The model is one of the highest quality Gundams I have seen in a while, it really does look evil as it stands. Took me no more then 20 minutes to get it in spaceship mode and got them on their stands and on to the shelf. And right next to them is Macross model in battloid form as it sits on the shelf.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Fix Figurations are always top notch quality. I wanted to get the cheaper HGUC 1/144 Psycho but its almost as big as a 1/60 PG model!

  2. Eissa

    i would really like to see a post about the whole collection of yours and it’s organised, can we have that ? ;)

  3. Eissa

    i would really like to see a post about the whole collection of yours and how it’s organised, can we have that ? ;)

  4. You have half at least 500 models by now, where do you keep all the stuff!

  5. @Mathai – Go for the Fix Figuration! They are amazing models!

    @Eissa -I am planning that post but not for a few months! Since I still have some unopened boxes and it will take ALOT of time to organize them all and the photographs!

    @Kuwaitiful – I have made some recent changes in my office, drastic changes which have resulted in extra space! lol! But I’m also running out of space there too! hahaha

  6. They look sweeeeeeet.

  7. very cool!
    do you have group pictures of your collection? :)

  8. daaamn!! that was in my wishlist for awhile and dude, i gotta admit, this is one of your best figures i have seen, and those collection you got in there is just a perfect match!

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