“Jimmar Baka >> Kems – is pretty disappointed with freakin FAP… hope something happens to all the ISPs in Kuwait”

I have been out all day for the last 24 hours between work, meetings, and family social events only to come back home to find that KEMS mentioning my posts and linking me to “Abusers”, these “Abusers” who are early adopters of internet, these “Abusers” who paid the ridiculous prices from early 2000 until now, from corporate to residential. They have even gone as far as blaming me for the slow speeds and high latency across their network

I am one of the earliest users of KEMS when they first started accepting home users, in addition to giving them numerous glowing reviews and recommendations (http://www.zdistrict.com/?s=kems). I honestly find it INFURIATING that ISPs take their clients so lightly and changing the service they promised their clients. I have paid for and renewed my service for an 8MB connection, not some time, not half the time, all the time. And they have chosen to single me out as an internet abuser; and going as far as claiming they are going to terminate me and ban me from renewing.

What the person that posted this comment on behalf of #KEMS fails to realize that in the past I have always recommended my corporate accounts to utilize #KEMS due to their strong support, even when priced higher than local competition. I don’t understand how KEMS can make accusations about its customers without considering the implications it has to their core business. To the person who posted the comment on behalf of KEMS, please go ahead and terminate my connections in addition to my corporate accounts.

First they claim to have implemented the FAP policy to reduce prices, increase speeds and lower latency. Now after castrating our internet connections to 10% of its actual capability; they now plan on implementing a ‘super user’ account without limits for residential user and creating a ‘bandwidth bank’ for people to purchase additional bandwidth.

Keep in mind that KEMS just won a tender from the Ministry of Oil to provide Data Connectivity to their employees at a very reduced rate. Meaning someone in a Managerial or Team Leader level can get 8 MB connectivity for 150 KD for the year at home. It is part of the package that KEMS gave to the Oil Companies such as KOC or KNPC or KPC, that as well as connecting all the major buildings between each other and abroad, that they also provide connectivity to the Oil Company Employees at a VERY reduced level WITHOUT CAPS. So KEMS is selling their service in bulk to a ministry for a lot cheaper than they are selling to individuals, as well as providing individuals with connectivity which is also without CAPS as per their tender agreement. It seems they honor their agreements with governments but they couldn’t care less about their contracts with their customers.

While neighboring GCC countries are striving to deliver 100mbit service to their customers. Our providers are trying to squeeze out every fils out of our pockets. It’s really a shame that our local companies have created an oligopoly to rip-off their customers while the MOC is doing nothing to prevent the cartels from increasing prices and setting caps.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Aziz al o

    KEMS is going Down

    bye bye kems ( to hell )

    Hellooooooo Mada

  2. Jotkat

    We the users can agree to do one of these actions or all of them to screw them up like they are trying to do to us:

    1- We all shift to one of the three companies, doesn’t matter which one, it will upset the balance and reset the game.

    2- We all downgrade our speeds by half (8Mb to 4Mb, 4Mb to 2Mb, 2Mb to 1Mb, etc). You’re capped anyway, its not like the extra speed will matter now right? but it will really mess up their revenue.

    3- Flood Consumer protection with complaints.

    Any other ideas?????

  3. V

    I have been having issues with kems since november 2010 after doing a renewal

    the customer care got really ugly and dropped my bandwidth down and since I got fedup with them I stopped calling them since one useless person after an other kept coming on the phone

    I even got replies on emails from some executives saying they checked my connection and all is fine

    well what they mentioned above is really wrong examples… specially for people who have passed on goodwill for the company and recommendations are now known as abusers!

    Very Very Bad KEMS / ZAJIL youll need to think before replying on a public forum specially when the post says its a TEST, instead youll term us all as abusers!

  4. Mazin

    What are the alternatives if we want to boycott Kuwait ISPs? Can’t live without Internet and all the ISPs are moving in that direction if not already there…..

  5. I hear a shot, and the gun is pointed at their own foot. What is wrong with these people? The comments above have mentioned it, I don’t agree with the illegal download but that’s not their business… I download a lot of podcasts, update my phone, iPad software and apps and I stream security cams to see the house remotely. I do nothing illegal -but would still suffer a cap. It has nothing to do with content. They just can’t handle it so they use the moral high ground as a convenient way to argue.

  6. Yousef al Ghanim

    dear yousef5:
    The internet is a new world (or universe) the subsciber has the right to see or view what ever is online. ISP in the US dont set caps even though the us user are the #1 internet abuseres as u say. ISP should not limit ppl on what they use, when i pay for a subscription i choose what to seee and what to download it is none of ur business. The internet is a service and like the mobile service i cant limit u on how much msgs u can send or how many calls u can call. If the ISP can provide the quality of serive and product (Speed) then it should not be in this business.

  7. mocman

    To all those switching to mada, they get their b/w from kems too. lol. we are all screwed. no way to escape, unless we have vsats.

  8. JiMMaR

    no they didn’t .. at first I thought that it was for all users [happened once during infoconnect 2 years ago, me and my friend both got high speed]
    and I didn’t share any info with them [and as you can see my facebook name is not my real name too] .. could be an error on their side or could be a random thing to calm down the ppl
    my connection is 1.5MB , but ma dad lost the contract :P

  9. Jimmar,
    Thanks a lot for clearing that up.

    They still could have found you through matxhing traffic to that facebook page to an IP. It’s very odd that you had the bandwidth spike right after the rant, don’t you agree?

  10. JiMMaR

    yeah , it was odd .. actually it’s still going till now :P

  11. Holy crap! More than 2 comments on a Zdistrict post!!

  12. Suddenly, people in Kuwait have moral issues, how convenient. Just graduated and relocating back to Kuwait, will be harder than expected :(

  13. Suddenly, people in Kuwait have moral issues, how convenient. Just graduated and relocating back to Kuwait, will be harder than expected :( ….. Will need to get back to avi instead of mkv I guess :s

  14. @ Yousef al Ghanim

    I’m sorry my friend, but we’re not living in a fantasy world. You do not have the right to download as much as you want and to do whatever you want with your Internet, and the ISP DOES have the right to see what you’re doing on the Internet. I suggest you look at the TOS, contract, and other legal documents that you agreed to when you signed up with your ISP which all describe this, and YOU agreed to it. You are heavily restricted as a consumer of the Internet through ISPs.

    Furthermore, in the US they do cap people, but the cap limit is so huge that only 1% of Internet users will actually hit it. Google USA internet caps for more information. This is the solution I’m trying to go for for here in Kuwait, have monthly caps that are high instead of low daily caps.

    AND in the US, they will catch if you if you’re downloading torrents and they CAN prosecute you. See there’s this thing called law in the US that is enforced. All the torrents that Mr. Marzouq downloads and constantly posts screenshots of would not happen in the US because he could be fined or serve jail time (google hurt locker downloading cases and others if you don’t believe me).
    There is streaming solutions in the US, and most people do that when they’re there, but we don’t have that here unfortunatley. There are other ways to view content, such as paying for OSN which has 90% of the stuff that Mr. Marqouz illegally downloads but chooses to illegally download.

  15. yousef5

    Well sir it seems you have taken up one simple case and stuck to it without any real thought to the matter. In Kuwait there are not terms and conditions when we sign up with the ISPS, truth be told they only ask you for your Bara’at Thima which is that you have paid all your bills from the MOC, then you just pay your selected package from the ISPs, all they care about is the Cash. I did this with Qnet, Fasttelco, and Kems, every time I paid at INFOCONNECT nobody brought out any FAP or FUP or TOS, so please lets no act like the customers are idiots here. Everyone has been lying at the ISPs saying that its MOC at first, then stating they want to stop downloads which isn’t the case.

    Secondly you are sticking and holding on to a very fleeting point, like many people I have subscriptions on iTunes for many shows and each episode is 700MB and at times I download a whole season from iTunes which can not be done at this point due to the caps.

    Also I play games off Steam and the latest update for EVE is 6.8 Gigs, what exactly am I going to do, just download that and not surf all day long?

    We also have streaming solutions here in Kuwait which we use, I use VPNs so I can watch shows on Hulu and so do many others, but again due to the Caps I can’t use that at this point.

    So you see yousef5, what the ISPs are doing is completely not fair and you can’t change terms and conditions without notifying customers.

    I post about shows and movies that I download in any what form that I want, be it from iTunes or otherwise. Secondly keep in mind that I download alot of Japanese shows and movies, which as per Japanese law is allowed to be torrented that is why they are openly being shared with groups of translators.

    Again the excuse to Apply the FAP is for ISPs to make more money, that is the bottom line, every knows this, but we didn’t think that the ISPs would all sit down and meet to agree to all of this as well as the price increases. If there was a TRA such as Saudi and Bahrain the ISPs would be fined HEAVILY for their actions, sadly we do not have anyone that can fine the ISPs for illegal practices such as price fixing or change of terms without notification and change of contract.

    Basically the ISPs screwed the users! Don’t blame ONE user because the ISPs want to make more money. Money is the Bottom line and thats all they care about. And if you have a policy in mind to make it fair then it should have been thought of in the first place.

  16. I totally agree with Marzouq, we the users should be free to do what so ever. Also there is no such TOS that the ISP can see what users do. Where did the “Privacy” go. That means we as users dont have Privacy at all which we can legally have.

  17. K.theKuwaiti


    The ISPs plan on capping everything .. regardless if its torrents or an update for your phone. They are not doing it to prevent torrents or illegal downloads .. they are doing it to charge more money (e.g. purchasing extra download capacity from Kems Bandwidth Bank). This is in direct retaliation to the MOC requesting them to lower prices, they retaliated by attacking the consumers and use it as leverage.

    Data is data regardless if it is illegal, streamed or legit content. The cap will hurt all users. The overall bandwidth of the internet plans on quadrupling by 2015. Do you think that our ISPs will be expanding the cap limit within the same ratio .. hell no.

    You know what better than your solution of monthly caps? no caps at all. If you believe the caps will lower prices or providing a better service .. you are gravely mistaken.

  18. !

    Aramex increased their prices for no reason and we went along, now the caps thing what will change now? In Kuwait customer care gets worse each day and we do nothing about it the consumer here has no power what so ever simply because we are so weak to take a stand. Wallah 3aib what is happening to consumers here. The funny part is using the word abusers and what ISP’s are doing to us is not called abuse?

  19. Bader

    There are two sides to this story, Main reason that everyone is applying these caps is because there is not enough internet traffic flowing to Kuwait. This is because MOC’s current fiber network does not meet the demand by Kuwait’s users. MOC has been pressured by ISPs and by SPs outside of kuwait to upgrade, Just until recently that call hasn’t been answered. Current upgrades are underway. Finely!

    But I dont like this abuser title and the fact that ISPs offer a no cap packages. IF internet traffic is limited then there shouldn’t be a no cap package. My other concern is that hopefully when these upgrades are done and traffic flow increases, that ISPs remove this cap and don’t be greddy.

  20. I hate all ISP providers

    KEMS are stinkin liers … with every pray I’m praying that you and everyone who had anything to do with this to be chocked in your lives you and you children and grand children with every Kb your stealing from us , they think people are morons just like the idiots they are .
    I wish you burn in hell a 1000 years for every byte .

  21. Madao

    Before any more Einsteins compare us to Europe and the US and how caps are applied there, I say this:

    Give us comparable bandwidth at comparable prices to these countries, then and only then talk about introducing similar caps.

    For crying out loud, in this day and age where even firmware updates for phones exceed a few hundred MBs let alone software and high-def multimedia, how can we have daily limits this small???

    And like many people indicated already, the “abusing by piracy” point is rendered moot by the fact that even legal users are easily exceeding these ridiculous caps. I freaking just bought a game off the PSN store and the download was a little over 7GB!

    To add icing to the cake, the way that kems guy is responding in a condescending manner is getting on my nerves! And that brain-dead comment about oil prices, is he freaking kidding us? Was he actually hoping someone will buy that nonsense???

  22. ma7ad abuser except the internet companies 7ram 3laikum were nothing but cows to u, greedy bast***S

  23. its sad it came to the caps for everyone to realize, been getting ripped off for years

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  25. Victim

    Just reading this started to piss me off. I have the most shit internet. It’s a shame that Kuwait is at the lowest of all countries even tho it’s rich. There’s nothing to do about it when there are money-hungry people who just want to rip us off when they get the chance. Way to go KEMS.

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