Tron: Legacy Mural

End of the Line presents a look at the creation of a 20m-long aerosol Tron: Legacy mural for an art installation in East London. I have a lot respect for Graffiti Artists, some of thing they create are mind bongoling, and now they created the Tron: Legacy Mural with the movie soundtrack playing in the background. Say what you will about the film (I loved it), there’s no denying that it had some style. And that all comes to life with this mural.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I dont know how he managed that! Creating art in traditional media is hard enough but using a spray can? amazing.

  2. il pazzo

    WOW!!! awesome, cool, amazing … aaaaah
    i’m running out of words here xD

  3. Daft Punk rocks.. and so does this artist !!


  4. @Chuknum – Seriously Amazing! Doing it with a spray paint is difficult!

    @il pazzo – hehehe!

    @Soul – Amazing work!

  5. tartooob

    This is amazing, Thank you for sharing

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