Ansam518 New Move


As many know Ansam518 doesn’t need any introduction, she has been around for a long time and featured in many places, magazines, even on tv. At last she has moved to her own domain after 5 years. I really like the new design much more then the older one, it cleans and the pictures are big. Her food posts always make me hungry and there are a lot of them. Check out her new place at the link below.

Link: Ansam518

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Thank you Z ;-) Its been 4 years only :D But so thoughtful of you :D :D Thanks a million :D

  2. @Ansam – LOL! Your on a league of your own! U don’t need me! I’m just pointing the obvious! Amazing new look!

  3. The new blog still don’t have mobile view!! Does Mobile view effect ads revenue?

    Still one of the better Kuwaiti blogs that don’t stress me out like most blogs out there, keep up the good work ansam.

  4. @Abdulsalam – I think she will be adding that support soon!

    @Q8Stig – Agreed!

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