Al Hamra Tower – A Work Of Art


414 Meters Tall, The Tallest Concrete Structure in the World, uniquely designed to the highest specifications. With all the considerations and advancements they have made with this tower it is one of the highest quality building in the region, if not Asia.

I got invited to take a tour of the Al Hamra Project and was joined by Ansam518, and turned into a private tour of an amazing structure. What got a tour of the model to see how it is put together, what they did to bring this tower to life. I for one am very much looking forward to seeing this property open.

There are three parts to the Al Hamra Project, the Luxury Mall, the Parking Structure, and the Tower Itself. The ingenuity and design of this building is something that hasn’t been seen in this region before and I am thankful they went through this. The work that they did for this tower made the Municipality change and update their codes for these super structures, they took it upon themselves to make them understand that a superstructure and Prime Class A tower such as Al Hamra had its own set of codes to creature a structure such as this. They went against every wall, every political barrier that was laid in front of them, and every obstacle ahead of them and still came up with a structure such as this. I really am proud that a building such as this has come up in Kuwait.

The shopping mall will be a very nice combination of shops, close to downtown, Grand Cinemas will be opening up with every theater being a VIP theater, and I’m looking forward to good food in the cinemas at last. The parking structure can hold 2000 cars but knowing Kuwait that won’t be nearly as much as needed but lets hope that there will be times when its empty. There is a rentable space 1700 square meters per floor with an amazing unobstructed 360 degree view of Kuwait, on clear day you can see very far. With the ways they have designed the elevators you won’t wait longer then 30 seconds for an elevator. With the rear of each floor having a unique corridor which overlooks a limestone clad wall curved for a specific design. The curving stone slab covered rear of the building it is designed in a way to take the most heat during the day and keeping it cool and to disperse the heat from the sun. When I was in the office areas the windows were still dusty and needed to be cleaned and I wondered how that would happen, to my surprise there are two robots that cover the whole length of the tower and take 30 days to go from top to bottom of the tower which is impressive.

There is a 3700 square meter spa and gym for women that will open up and have rooftop access to the the Luxury Mall. At the top floor of the Al Hamra Tower will be the triple height restaurant concept and ballroom with the two floors below it turned into a type of chairman’s club. This is what happens when a creative group of dedicated people have the chance to work on an amazing work of architecture such as this. I want to thank the marketing team at Al Hamra for inviting me to this amazing project and for the effort they have put into it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Akbar

    WOW, amazing view from the top. I was out there last weekend and you really cant tell how tall the building is at from the bottom of the structure. Awesome shots comparing neighbouring towers, shows the maximal magnitude of this building.

  2. amazing dude !

    wish if they can open an hotel there :)

  3. you really did the project justice, thank you Z job well done !!

  4. حلو بس مكانه بسبب زحمه في الشوارع

    هالمشكله الي محد راضي يتحاشاها غربلونا ويا الافنيوز وبيغربلونا ويا هالحمرا

  5. @Akbar – Its a magnificent structure and well worth checking out! I can’t wait for it to open!

    @Frankom – I agree! I wish a hotel had opened there! Like the Four Seasons or Mandarin Oriental!

    @Dana – Thank you! It is justice deserved and there is a lot more that can be said about it!

    @krkor – I agree about the za7ma but honestly there isn’t anywhere else in Kuwait that is zoned to handle a building such as this! Look at 360 Mall, even in a new area the Baladiya did nothing to help them with the traffic flow and the same case here! Al Hamra did everything on their own with very little support from the Baladiya!

  6. LOL thats me looking up high high!!! Great post Marzouq!

    Now email me my pictures pweeeeeez??? *angel face*

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  8. @Ansam – Lol! I will email them as soon as I get home! Was out all day with work!

  9. The180d

    The tower is amazing, my work is right beside Al Hamra. But the only concern is that when it opens there will be a lot of traffic because the area is a kind of a business area, and also don’t forget that adjacent to it will be the NBK head quarter offices, So I think they need to stretch the roads a little bit.;)

  10. This project is a source of pride for me. I had nothing to do with it – but it’s so nice to show it off to my visitors from abroad.

    I haven’t been there since they opened the internal lifts. It’s funny when I tell them that only 40 years ago, my dad’s house was just opposite the plot it sits on.

    I hope Kuwait uses this as a springboard for developments country-wide.

  11. Man, am a civil engineer and I love mega structures.. Al Hamra tower is like a dream to me,,,I posted about it many times and can’t wait to see it in November :)

    Great post, thumbs-up.

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