TV Overdose


This weekend consisted of a lot of TV time, I really didn’t move much, except when it was time to eat, I was completely and utterly lazy but I did catch up on a lot of online content and managed to work on a few Mecha/Robot Models that I had ordered a while ago.


  • White Collar – Finished up the last 6 episodes of Season 2 and the first episode of Season 3 which was impressive
  • The Event – Going through it like a marathon, this show is really good and I know NBC cancelled it but I hope that Syfy does save it, its turning out to be a very good show
  • The Office – Watched Season 2 and half way through Season 3, I can’t get enough of Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute! The Season ended so I started back from the beginning
  • The Penguins of Madagascar – ITS HILARIOUS!

About to start watching Stargate Universe and Camelot. SGU ended which saddens me since I’m a huge fan of the Stargate Series, and Camelot is the forgotten brother of The Borgia and Game Of Thrones but seems very interesting. Now there are some good shows coming up this summer, I can’t wait for Eureka and other good shows this summer.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Guess that post you’ve promised is never coming right? :-)

  2. The Penguins of Madagascar? I love those guys, the funniest birds on TV! :D

  3. The Event reminded me of FlashForward mixed with Heroes it’s a shame that all three shows were cancelled from NBC’s list and shows like well I don’t know what are still on their network hehe :s

  4. @G-Funk – It is! I’m not kidding!

    @Mathai – EXACTLY! They are hilarious!

    @Jacqui – I think its being save by Syfy! So I hope it makes it! The storyline is great!

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