Mawash Emrabyan

One of the most satisfying dishes that anyone can have after a long day. Mawash tastes very good and I love Mawash with Shrimp, it really tastes so good and so warm. This dish isn’t easy to get right but once the recipe is perfect it tastes so good and especially the small shrimp.

I love these jumbo fried shrimp, I can eat them like popcorn, and especially with that sauce. The thousand island sauce or simply Ketchup and Mayo, and I add a bit of hot sauce to make it a bit spicy. I had a very nice nap after this meal.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ليش ؟؟؟؟؟

    ليش ؟؟؟؟؟

    ليش ماتعزم ؟

  2. laialy_q8

    I am crying at my desk … the fact that i am dieting doesn’t help :..(

  3. @Frankom – I couldn’t help it! It was one of those solo moments!

    @laialy_q8 – Lol! I tried not to eat all that but I just got too hungry!

  4. Believe it or not looking at these shots not only make me feel stuffed but somehow “minqatha”. Especially the spring rolls! I need to drink some white coffee now lol

  5. @B – How can you say that to such good food! Lol!

  6. You make my stay in the US just a tad bit more agonizing … you suck :p

  7. Ok Marzouq you asked for it, were going to have a food face off! i gained 3KG just by looking at your post!

  8. one of my favorite local dishes ever!

  9. @id – LOL! Then I gained 10 Kgs from that meal!

    @vampire – Lol!

    @Kal – Same here!

  10. i love all 3 dishes so much , i havnt had real food in 6 months :( and its 3.15 and im still at work. irreparable damage z!

  11. Bader

    k next time dewaniya thats what we are having!

  12. @Dana – Any time! lol!

    @Bader – Intaw moo kafoo! LOL

  13. O_o !!
    I wonder if the MOI has rules against food porn coz that’s what this is!!

  14. Mo chenik mest3yel :P ‘7eesa el deera oo ent takel emmwash :P too early for winter :p

  15. akbar

    super delicious post, my triglycerides and cholestrol levels are craving to shootup through the roof, give me an omega 3 rich fish post bro.!

  16. sabah

    Man that looks good! Pakistani here who is currently loving the muchboos (Freej Suweileh and Zaman Awwal frequenter).

    Can you tell me of a good restaurtant that does this? While you’re at it, please let me know of any better place for the muchboos.

  17. @Sabah
    go to a restaurant called: 60’s (Seteenat) in Hawali .. Ask for (Beryani Rebyan) and enjoy!

  18. @Mathai – Don’t think they have internet to even see this! lol

    @Q80 In Denver – 9arra7a I would agree! Usually its a winter dish but our house is so damn cold it hit the spot! lol

    @akbar – lol

    @sabah – Q80 In Denver has the answer for you! In my case I only eat this kind of food at home!

  19. sabah

    Thanks guys!

  20. YM965

    That looks sooo goood ..

  21. This is torture!

    I had Mawash for the first time in years last week… Brought back childhood memories.

  22. omg, food looks as if it dropped from heaven! bil3afia

  23. @YM965 – It was!

    @Bu Yousef – I have it at least once a month! Its too good to pass on!

    @noon – Alah e3afeeech!

  24. ليش ؟؟؟؟؟

    ليش ؟؟؟؟؟

    ليش ماتعزم ؟ x2!!!!!!!

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