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Roof Top Duplex in New York

If you had $22 Million Dollars to spare then this is the Penthouse in New York City that you should get. There is something that I really like about Duplexes, they feel really spacious, especially on top of buildings such as these. This property has taken everything into account from a spacious library above the living room to the large pool in the terrace area. I’m a fan of the all steel Kitchen but the couch area is a nice break from the normal kitchen and its refreshing to see such a large Dining Room Table, means you can entertain more people at home. My favorite part is the library above the living room, it seems like you can do a lot with it. And this building has a beautiful view from every corner.

Comprised of 5 corner Bedrooms with 5½ ensuite bathrooms, this duplex located in the Dietz Lantern Building in Tribeca, New York City is nothing less but spectacular. The apartment occupies the building’s top two floors and features plenty of terraces, 50 windows and an amazing roof-top pool with plenty of space for entertainment.

Link: Freshhome


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    reminds me of a movie called Bed Of Roses, christian slater lives in a similar non posh home and the rooftop is his nursery garden. but this home is way ahead. hope the waterproofing is done well, rooftop swimming pools over the years endup abandoned.

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    Address please? I’d like to buy it.

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    Now this is what i call a real house, and in New York wooow. I don’t think tha u wanna leave the house if you own it.

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    @akbar – I think this house is done right so now worries!

    @Kuwait – Click link :P lol

    @The180d – Exactly! Just lounge around the house! Work out when needed!

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    ok, i’m off to rob a bank :p

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    The Travel Expose Says:
    June 15th 2011 at 12:31 PM

    Mashala looks like an exquiste place!

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    Looks Amazing .. wanna go.

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    @il pazzo – Lol!

    @The Travel Expose – Yup! Beautiful!

    @Dudette – We all do! lol

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    Fantastic use of space and a great mix of style, function and elegance. My budget for an apartment in New York is off by 22m USD :)

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    @Bu Yousef – I am in the same bought as for budgeting! lol


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