Halo 4 – 2012

The trailer doesn’t say much but the ring gives a little detail, they are facing a new enemy, the Master Chief will be back in 2012. This time Microsoft is working with 343 Studios for this game and not Bungie, I just hope they don’t screw it up.

(Note to Self: Finish Halo Reach!)

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  1. Bungie studios really did a good job with the previous installments but lets wait for the reviews to come out about this latest version.

    ps. I hate teaser trailers like this. Now I’m thinking “what/who the hell is Master Chief gonna face off against?” :D

  2. @Mathai – Thats exactly what I am thinking! Who the hell is he going to fight!

  3. fadibou

    Just hope they don’t really screw it up badly, as they are destined to screw it up.

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