New Voltron Force

This is great news for fans of Voltron from the 80s, the new cartoon has just aired on Nick Toons and this is what they look like. The animation is a combination of CGI and traditional animation which I think is very cool and its a winning combination. The first pic is of the very cool looking Voltron Lions inside of their Moon Base. I’m looking forward to watching this show, I’m going to let it air a few episodes before I start watching it and going to try to get my nephew into as well.

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  1. Dalal

    we3 we3 we3!
    Laish sawoo chethi noooo :”'(

  2. it should have been done by Madhouse! Frankly, I didn’t like it, I’m not a big fan of the American CGI, they just keep ruining our childhood memories man!!

  3. X

    SUP with remaking old awesome cartoons into new crappy ones?!

  4. Well i don’t know if i’m disappointed or happy but for sure seeing the name “Voltron Force
    ” again brings my childhood memories :P

  5. @Dalal – I know! Not as good as I want it!

    @Kal – American CGI sucks period! Japanese remakes are awesome! Look at Guyver, Wolverine, Iron Man!

    @X – I do not know! :S

    @M.H – I’m exactly feeling the same thing! Gonna love it and hate it!

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