New Shows – Summer 2011


  • Falling Skies – A show by Steven Spielberg, humans recovering from an Alien Invasion and fighting back, very well done and very cool.
  • Suits – A college drop out accidentally joins a top end law firm with their best closer as his partner, two of them are a crazy team but would be in trouble if they found out he has no degrees,


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. On a scale of 1 to AWESOME, and in your opinion, is Falling Skies worth the watch?

  2. watched both shows and posted about them, they are both deferent so I recommend watching both. I also recommend watching Chaos if you haven’t already.

  3. @Fahad – Honestly its off to a very good start and they are doing a very good job of building up the story and I like it!

    @N – I will check out Chaos for sure! Shows right now are looking pretty good!

  4. Hehehe I have both shows I am in love with Suits but you know what you’ll enjoy immensely?:P

    Franklin & Bash!!!! That show totally screams your name hehe check it out and tell me what you think.

    I am not sure if you will like this other show but try Single Ladies it’s quite nice and Switched at Birth. I love Single Ladies and Switched at Birth is kinda my guilty pleasure!

  5. those are on my priority list and must watch asap!

  6. There is only one show I just can’t wait to see it .. BREAKING BAD!

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