Google has been working on a social networking platform for a while now, and they have failed with Wave and Buzz is just a side tool at this point. They needed to find the key mixture of social connectivity, privacy and content to out do Facebook as well as integrate it into the other Google Services.

I like that you can completely control the level of content and connectivity that it has to your account. And I like the simple interface and the Android application which works seamlessly with it, I don’t have an iPhone but a few people already mentioned that the iPhone interface for Google+ is very good. The best part about it is that you can completely delete your account and shut it down if you don’t want it. For me this is a new thing to enjoy because I never had a MySpace or Facebook account, and I for one trust Google, I don’t know why I do but I trust them. So lets hope that Google+ keeps getting better, and for now its invite only and they have closed it but I’m assuming that it will open soon to all.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. متى الموعد الرسمي لطرحه ؟

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  3. Hmmmph I am not on it :( Invites closed. Any workarounds?

    Google is been on a roll lately, revamping their interface across everything!
    Liking the new Gmail interface as well, except messes up a lot of my lab options.

    Zouq you are not on Facebook??!! *gasp* endangered few ;) ;)

  4. Looks promising let’s hope it doesn’t bomb like Wave did! :s

  5. Mohammed

    maaaaaaan!! can you pleaseeeeeee send me a invitation i am dying to get one. Tried everywhere but couldn’t get one my email id is [email protected] can you please send it to me if you have one..

    Thanks :)

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