Back On The Ground


Being disconnected from internet when you have a lot of activities feels slightly strange. Its not that I was completely disconnected, just that I couldn’t really use the internet available very well since it worked at a snails pace. I tried using the internet at the hotel but it would time out a lot and take a lot of time to load normal items such as my email and very light browsing, I tried downloading an attachment but that took so long I had to cancel it.

I was lucky that I got a Vodafone UK Prepaid chip which works fantastic in Europe with Data, just top it up comfortably and even Data works while roaming in Europe in even remote locations but it wasn’t enough to go through my RSS feeds, but I could go through my emails and get on Twitter & GooglePlus. I am loving the Google Plus application on my Android, really streamlines it and gives you lots of options for uploading when roaming. Even the Vodafone UK Roaming chip is 100 times cheaper then Data Roaming on your Zain Chip and much better service and connectivity, I do wish that Zain Services improve until it reaches the levels of Vodafone, but doesn’t look like it any time soon. And before I had a problem with my RSS Feed being over 1000, but now that has gone way past 1000, I think its close to 12000 articles and it would take me at least 3 months to bring it down, and my problem is that I HATE using the “Mark All As Read” button.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Welcome back to the ground and thanks for finding time to read my blog (and commenting). Always nice to hear from you.

    Good luck with catching up on your reading. I agree about the ‘mark all as read’ button… It feels like cheating :)

  2. xmido

    read the titles, and ignore the time sensitive stuff or things that doesn’t capture your interest. I gone through 300 items on my feed in 2 days because of changing my isp and happened before when i got disconnected.

  3. xmido

    *Actually it was 1000 items in 2 days.

  4. I know your feeling when the google feeds just go up to a number above 1000 because it happened to me and I just felt frustrated all the time!

  5. With all the latest technology that Google has I don’t understand why the reader does not go beyond 1000 unread posts. I dread to think how many I have left to read so I might hit ‘mark as read’ :P

  6. “Mark All as Read” is your best friend… then pretend you did it by mistake “OOOPS!”, What was it that they say again… “[email protected]# Happens”?! ;)

    el7amdella 3alsalama :)

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