GCC Drivers in London 2011

Again a bunch of people cause traffic problems in the middle of London, and block off a Firestation as they want to exit, I’m surprised that they didn’t ram the cars. Whats embarrassing is that the drivers are from Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait based on the license plates.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. RiPPeR

    go for a drive in london – check
    drive jaw dropping exotics – check
    create a GCC barrier in front of the fire station – BULLSEYE

  2. Akbar

    What they cant do in GCC, they do it outside. On a different note, maybe they got confused with the large mahogany doors as those of a diwaniya and tried to gatecrash the party…maybe not they deserve a bravery medal on arrival….silly boys with their silly toys.

    Z, wazza??

  3. Waynich Wayne

    Strutting fancy cars on testosterone has “nouveau riche” written all over it. I can understand such behaviour coming from the likes of the Qataris or the Emiraatis for whom Vitamin M is too new but frankly, what amazes me is there are Kuwaitis involved too.

  4. ^ Vitamin M is as new for Kuwaitis as it is for Qataris or Emiraatis. There’s nothing to be so ‘amazed’ about.

  5. @RiPPeR – Lol!

    @Akbar – Lol! Seriously they don’t care!

    @Waynich Wayne – Some of these guys are new to it too!

    @Kuwait – Its just a sad state of affairs!

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