Review: X-Men First Class

In 1962, Charles Xavier starts up a school and later a team, for humans with superhuman abilities. Among them is Erik Lensherr, his best friend… and future archenemy.

There was a barrage of comic book movies coming out this year, this might end up being the best and the most restrained with CGI . I was excited when they announced another X-Men movie since Wolverine wasn’t as good as I expected even though I liked it. But an Origins movie is tough to pull off since comic book stories are very complex and Batman Begins was one of the few that got it right. Nevertheless, I went into this movie with certain expectations, and they were surpassed. This movie is fantastic. The dynamic of new friends that will grow up to be enemies and seeing how the Xavier school came about is really fun. The film could have spent a little more time of showing why the two men chose such different paths, but thats a small detail that only true comic book geeks like myself will notice, loved the Wolverine cameo. And I especially enjoyed some of the new characters, looking forward to seeing the next iteration of this the new X-Men.

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  1. Great Setup Movie. If there is a second prequel movie it should be fantastic. Hated January Jones (and other villains) in the movie. The butterfly mutant is a waste of character. Thumbs up for wolverine cameo , kevin bacon german accent, and magneto.

  2. @vampire – Me too!

    @Bader – I kind of liked Azureal! He was pretty bad ass! January Jones played a cold Ice Queen, that was interesting! I agree on the butter fly mutant but they wanted to follow the original story so I can’t blame them!

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