Mountkestrel Duopod

Mountkestrel by Curve Creative brand, made a very interesting mobile camera mount with their Duopod and a few accessories to boot. With multi-functionality & adaptablity in mind, the Duopod was designed specifically for current hybrid DSLRs to perform as a steadycam, transform into a shoulder or chest mount, placed in a neutral position to be used as a tripod, or attached to a tripod for 360 degree movement. I for one have been looking for a steadycam mount for a while now and this looks very interesting since I can use as a Tripod and a Steadycam, lets see when this comes into production.


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  1. @moayad – After reading through a million reviews thanks to your link, I ended up adding the Merlin Steady Cam to my cart, lets hope I can make it work!

  2. The Merlin is probably the best compact steady cam system. Good choice.

  3. Nice! Theres a limit to how much internal OS can fix shake but a steady cam mount should be perfect :)

  4. can u put the link where we can buy the merlin steady cam ? ;p

  5. @moayad – Thanks!

    @Mathai – I just need to get some practice in based on the reviews!

    @Crowsy – Got it on Amazon and will post up the link!

  6. Good for places where tripods are not allowed. Fantastic for sports photography as you can track the motion beautifully. Nice.

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