Eb6ainiya Ramadan Recipe Competition


For all things to do with Eb6ainiya is the place to check out, they take the time to really check out every new food place be it in Kuwait or any other location. And they also like to cook too, and this time they are having a recipe competition for Ramadan, check out the details at the link below to submit your recipe.

eB6ainiya blog is proudly presents: Ramadan’s recipe contest. Do you have a special recipe that is a hit between your friends and family and suitable for Ramadan? We are looking for all types of recipes, from main course to desserts. All you need is a WINNING recipe worth competing in our contest.

Link: eb6ainiya

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  1. Ramadan is about to start, and so is the torture. Food takes a new dimension during the holy month. The cooking programs before futoor time are a killer :)

  2. @Q80 In Denver – Anytime!

    @Bu Yousef – Agreed! The food takes a totally different dimension during Ramadan!

  3. great idea, lacks publicity though but never the less, would love to participate knowing I would lose anyway but gain the fun of it! :P

  4. im enjoying this competition like no other! haha everything looks amazing

  5. @BoYousef
    LOL! Spot on :)

    We tried to reach as many participants as we can by asking the most famous blogs to help us spread the word :)

    @FJ Bliss
    THANK U! What a relief LOL! :p

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