Lock Circle Body Cap

If you’re a professional photographer taking your camera into extreme environments, the cheap plastic body cap that comes with your DSLR might not cut it. That’s where LockCircle comes in — it’s a solid billett aluminum body cap designed to seal your camera from the elements while providing a special grip for removal even if you’re wearing thick gloves. They’re available for Canon EF mount cameras in silver, titanium, and black, and will soon be available for Nikon’s F mount as well.

I have 3 DSLR cameras since 2003 and I have lost a few caps here and there, somehow they get misplaced over the years. Having a solid aluminum body cap won’t be something you misplace and it will protect the internals of your camera perfectly. Right now they only have the body cap for the Canon in silver, titanium, and black for $99 each, and the Nikon F mount will be coming soon. I think it would be pretty cool to have this on the camera and make sure that it remains there, the plastic ones I have are a bit flimsy and sometimes a bit loose, but this one looks like it would literally lock in and not let go.

Link: LockCircle

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  1. Use the money for a cheap (but nice) 35mm or 50mm lens and use it as a cap :)

  2. @Bu Yousef – This isn’t too bad for $99? And I think its pretty cool looking! lol

  3. Walt

    This is gear for pretentious idiots. Seriously, every photojournalist I’ve ever met always has a lens mounted on his body. I doubt they even know where their original body caps are nor do they care they’re missing.

    This kind of crap belongs in the pre recession America, not today.

  4. Chris

    Walt, I ship my camera across the country and rent to productions l the time. Having this cap has saved my ass quite a bit from extreme environments. In the film world, you don’t leave lenses on cameras overnight and the plastic caps just don’t cut it. These crews are used to professional grade everything. I get a lot of comments on it when I open the box, and ACs are thankful for an easier method to uncap the camera.

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