Ramadan Delivery

I had somethings on hold for a while in my mailbox and my Amazon cart was full for a good two months, I was trying to hold off on making any purchases. Two weeks ago I decided to go ahead with the purchase, got to my mailbox and shipped it with all the items there. It was shipped two weeks back at this point, four days to deliver and the rest it got stuck in customs for while only to be delivered on the first day of Ramadan, a nice start to the day, I didn’t have a chance to open all the stuff up until later in the day but it felt like Christmas.

The items delivered:

  • Two Green Lantern Models
  • Game of Thrones – Goerge RR Martin Book Set
  • Two Batman Begins Pieces
  • Lord of the Rings Model
  • Three Large Volume Transformers Comic Books
  • Red Robin (Cool New Comic)
  • 007 Carte Blanche (A preorder that I forgot about and its my third copy! lol! I love James Bond novels)
  • Two Lens Caps to replace the missing ones
  • LifeHacker Book Volume 3 updated

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  1. Lazilae

    I love it when i come home from a long day at work and find a Large Amazon box Near the entrance :)

    How is Game of Thrones books ? I’ve finished season 1 Tv ser and can’t wait till 2012 for S2 ! That’s a Looong time. Do u recommend any specific edition ?

  2. @Lazilae – Its so nice to see that box when you walk in! lol! Honestly I haven’t picked up the book yet and I don’t want to pick it up right now, this is the whole book series which is tied to Game of Thrones, because George R R Martin still has a few other books so I didn’t want to get confused!

  3. Hehehe I like how you think! The Game of Thrones series hehe I grabbed that during my last trip to the States hehe still haven’t tackled them though want to start the 1st book :D

  4. O

    I’m eager to see your collection.

  5. @Jacqui – I haven’t had a chance to read it yet!

    @O – It will be forthcoming!

    @Mathai – Thanks!

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