Thundercats 2011 – Must Watch

The new Thundercats that recently premiered on Cartoon Network got my blood pumping, I was so excited to watch the show and at the same time I was hoping that I wouldn’t be disappointed by it, thankfully the show has lived up to my initial expectations. It was a two episode premiere on Friday and will be airing every Friday. You get to see the original Thundera and a young Lion-O, how the lives of the Cats were originally and the story plays out very very well, you even get to see the original Jaga of the Thundercats. I don’t want to spoil the show for anyone but if your even a remote fan of this show you have to watch it, I felt like an excited kid watching it and when the show ended I wanted more, now I have to wait for it on Fridays.

Link: IMDB

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  1. Thundercats is back?! How did I not know about this!! I’ll be definitely hunting the episodes down.

  2. @Kuwaitiful – The first two episodes are out and very much worth watching!!! I’m loving it!

  3. ali

    what time is it airing on CN?

  4. I was about to download it to watch the episodes and now I’m definitely going to do so!

  5. My sister watched them and said they were amazing! I can’t wait!

  6. I GOT GOOSEBUMPS! i love thundercats, definitely going to watch cartoon network :D
    i remember when it was rumored that they would make a movie, still waiting for that rumour to come true :D

  7. Downloaded last night and gonna watch it this weekend :) Thundercats Hoooooooo! (I just HAD to say that :P)

  8. I love the new Thundercats! Did you know that Lion-O’s dad Claudus is voiced by Larry Kenney? It’s the same person who did the original Lion-O voice!

  9. kitt

    I am a huge fan of this cartoon, Can you tell me which day and Kuwait time is this cartoon being telecast, Thanks !

  10. @ali – Not sure! I just keep downloading the torrents after friday!

    @Jacqui – The show is so good!

    @elwehbi – U shud seriously watch it!

    @noon – I’m more then happy with this tv show! The movie can wait! lol

    @Mathai – We all had to say it! hehe

    @Hash – Yup I did! There were a lot of throwbacks to the old show in this series! Its great!

    @kitt – I’m not sure its playing CN middle east! I’m just downloading the torrent on Saturday!

  11. Hooooooooo :)
    I don’t think I’ll be watching them, but nice to hear the comeback is decent. Good memories :)

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