Windows 7 Short Cuts


Using Windows 7 so much I have come across a lot of tips to quicken and ease the use of the OS, and below are my favorite set of shortcuts that I use throughout the day.

  • Windows Logo + L – Locks your computer
  • Shift + Delete – The file is gone and even bypasses your recycling bin, you can’t even recover it
  • Alt + 6 – To see all the windows you have open
  • Shift + Ctrl + N – The easiest way in Windows 7 to create a New Folder in your current window
  • Windows Logo + M – To minimize all the open windows, so you can clear your screen
  • Windows Logo + Shift + M – To bring back all the minimized windows
  • Windows Logo + Spacebar – All the windows turn transparent and you can see your desktop, just in case you dropped something there and you wanted to look for it without having to minimize anything
  • Windows + Shift + Left or Right Arrow – A lot of people have dual screen setups, this will move your current active window left or right depending on your choice
  • Windows + T – You scroll through the current active programs and windows on the taskbar, very useful to find a specific active window

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  1. Seems like Microsoft has learned a lot from Mac’s OS. A lot of these functions have been available on Macs for quite a long time.

  2. malboe

    Two of my favorites

    Windows Logo + Pause\Break – Pulls up System screen

    Ctrl + Shift + Esc – Pulls up task manager

  3. mocman

    you forgot the coolest one

    Win key + tab – to cycle between apps

    by far my fav.

  4. @elwehbi – Windows has had them for a while but more unified on Win 7 now!

    @malboe – The last one everyone knows! But the first one i will try!

    @mocman – True thats a very good one too!

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