Zain – Interaction With Their Tech Support


This was probably one of the funniest conversations I have had with Zain’s tech support, I just couldn’t believe what the guy was telling me. I had a problem with my phone, for the last few days its like my Blackberry was having blackouts a few hours at a time, then I went two days without BB connectivity, only connecting over wifi. After trying everything to troubleshoot the issue on my own I thought to call tech support and see what could be happening, because other people with BB were operating normally, and I recently paid the ridiculous amount so I didn’t have an overdue bill.


Tech – “Hello thank you for calling Zain”

Me – “Hello I have an issue with my Blackberry, it isn’t connecting to any Blackberry services”

Tech – “Did you try switching off your phone and turning it back on?”

Me – “I turned it off and turned it on, I took out the battery waited 10 mins and turned it on, I even took out the SIM card for 10 mins and turned it back on, is there something wrong with my line?”

Tech – “I don’t know, did you try putting another SIM in your phone to check if its not the phone?”

Me – “What do you mean you don’t know? And what other SIM?”

Tech – “Doesn’t a friend in your Dewaneya have a Blackberry? Try his SIM in your phone to make sure the problem is with the phone not the line”

Me – “Ok… Still What do you mean you don’t know if there is anything wrong with the SIM?!?”

Tech – “I can’t tell right now if there is anything wrong with your line”

Me – “Why can’t you?”

Tech – “Oh our system is down or being upgraded for the last 36 hours so I won’t be able to tell”

Me – “OK… So if I put another SIM and the phone works, then that means there is a problem with my line and now my phone, would you be able to do anything about it?”

Tech – “No we won’t be able to do anything to fix your line until our system is back up”

Me – “And when exactly will your system be back up?”

Tech – “Give us a call back in 24 hours”

Me – “Great.. Thank you Good bye”

Tech – “Goodbye and Thank you for calling Zain”

Thats 15 mins of my life that I will not able to get back.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. bob

    I have an issue with wataniya pending and unresolvbed for 2-3months + I think I win :p

  2. Try going to Options-Advanced Options-Host Routing Table and then select Register Now, If there isn’t anything wrong with your line then it should work. Hope it helps.

  3. Arbawy

    Being honest and not trying to make up solutions should be respected by customers. I believe that the call center agent tried to solve the problem with the knowledge he has, keep in mind that the system was down. The only mistake he did was that he did not report the problem so that someone from Zain can contact the customer at a later stage. The point I would like to point out is that customers should respect the employees and the effort they put to please the customers.

  4. Butters

    Now we know what the management meeting this week at zain will be about.

  5. I’m not seeing anything funny/weird about this. Looks like the customer service rep answered your questions correctly. If there’s an issue with the system he can’t really do anything about it until its back up. And maybe there is something wrong with your phone specifically and you should try his suggestion.

  6. i see that there are a lot of Pro Zain responses on this post .. seems like they don’t get what you mean OR THEY COULD BE ZAIN EMPLOYEES responding hahaha .

  7. @bob – Lol! U do win!

    @N – Lol

    @Bader – I did that too, it solved it for bit then hung again! Very strange!

    @Arbawy – I was very respectful and nice toward the gentlemen on the phone! But he is supposed to help solve the situation, if he told me that the system was down instead of wasting 15 mins I would have just called later!

    @Butters – Lol

    @yousefq8 – Thats the point he didn’t answer my question! Whats wrong with the line, if he told me the system was down then I wouldn’t have wasted that much time with him in the first place. I tried it and there was still a problem with the line, meaning that I can’t do anything about for at least 72 hours until they get their system back up! lol

    @B – What can you do!

  8. Arbawy

    Just for your information sometimes the Blackberry stop functioning properly and it has nothing to do with the network. thats why i guess the call agent tried his best to help you with the issues that are NOT network related hoping that it works

  9. @Arbawy – I understand that! But I mentioned that I did all the usual tests to get it working! What surprised me is the system was down, because previously Zain disconnected my line for no reason and took over 32 to hours to get it back up even after I zeroed the account in the middle of the month! So I don’t know what to expect from Zain! The gentlemen was very nice on the phone but didn’t help in regards to solving my issue! So if the system wasn’t down I could figured out where the problem was!

  10. John Chmielewski

    I have had similar issues with their customer service. I had their internet line and in Mahboulha, it just would not work. Perfect signal but it would not connect and if it did, it would only last for a few minutes and cut off. I would call almost daily. Everytime they would say “Inshallah we will fix it” and everyday it was just me calling them and having them tell me the same exact thing. Then they admitted to me on the phone that they had a problem with their cell tower. An engineer would go check it out. It never happened- still the same problems. 6 months of almost daily phone calls never solved anything with them. I threatened to not pay my bill because I had zero internet, in which the customer service person told me “go ahead, we will travel ban you”. I ended up canceling my internet and paying whatever fees they had. I cannot accept this horrible excuse for service and support. We need better telecom companies here in Kuwait. Viva has been good to me but they have had their teething problems as well. But I find their customer support to be pretty good and I like the fact they hire Kuwaitis. Their friendliness and willingness to help is much more appreciated then being talked down on the phone by some expat from Zain. Just my 2 cents.

  11. John Chmielewski

    And I think the problem is not with them not fixing the problem. Correct me if I am wrong but we (as customers) would not mind problems just as long as their was a willinginess to fix those problems. Having someone call you back that knows Blackberrys and their issues. Or just following up to see if anything worked. We know things break- its how you support the customer that we appreciate the most. Everytime I called Zain, they always made me feel like I was wasting their time and the guys on the phone seemed like they didn’t even know how to turn on a computer, neverless fix my problem. I hope they address this problem for you.

  12. Miss Good Egg

    Last time I called to complain about something,they told me it’s the wire’s fault. The wire that somebody was digging under our block and they have nothing to do with it. Go figure lol

  13. bob

    try doing a software upgrade for your phone.

    I remember whe n i had the bold 9000 it would stop working suddenly and I would have to put in another sim and then change back. something to do with the service books

  14. They need to take a real look at their service level in general. The 3G service on my phone and iPad (both with Zain – both lines for many many years with huge bills!) are playing up… When I called them they simply didn’t give a damn!

    Thing is, Viva and Watanyia are not exactly perfect – so even if I go through the trouble of moving, I’ll still end up talking to a monkey!

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