Fasttelco – All Data Caps Have Been Lifted


The first of the ISPs to come to their senses from this debacle, after a little digging both from the commercial and technical side Fasttelco are not applying any Data Caps, none what so ever, not even throttling torrents at this point. At first I wasn’t sure but from two different sources I thought it might be true, then I thought to test it out to verify the information. It seems something official might come out soon but at this point this is what I have managed to dig up and I hope they continue on this route.

I have started a 200 GB download plus one steam update and several other machine updates to test my Fasttelco 4MB Connection. I’m at 42 GB since I heard the news and it still fluctuating between 380 KBs to 490 KBs which is pretty good and I hope it holds at that. So it seems to be true at this point, I’m running Torrents, FTP, Software Patches and normal surfing, and everything seems to be working.

I was initially singled out by Kems for being an abuser even though I have been a loyal customer even at their very expensive days, and when they increased their prices. But it seems they seem to be stuck on Caps and continuing to apply it.

QualityNet has removed the meter from their login screen so you can’t tell if you hit your daily cap or not but they won’t clearly answer if it has been removed. I managed to hit the caps every once in a while whenever I go on my downloading binge.

As I said before the MoC is just as much as fault as the ISPs, and the announcement made months ago by the MoC and the Member’s of Parliament is just BS as usual and I didn’t expect much from it. It sort of “I will believe it when I see it” type of situation. Even when you tell ISPs that the MoC said they were supposed to stop all sorts of Caps from 1st of August as promised from the front pages of Al Watan Newspaper, Al Aqabas Newspaper, and Al Rai Newspaper, they just tell you that it was just an article in a newspaper and no law has been enacted and the ISPs were not contacted. The MoC promised to lower prices to ISPs so that in return they would lower their prices but that hasn’t happened yet either.

  • Fasttelco – No Caps
  • QualityNet – Still applying Caps
  • Kems – Caps still seemed to be applied
  • GulfNet – Still crap and the worst of the bunch, avoid them even if your connection is free
  • Mada – No Caps and I hope that continutes

More will be forthcoming in another post.

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  2. esz

    Thank you for the post! I am on KEMS and I still did not feel any cap applied. I have a 1.5 Mbps connection. I download movies for a long time, let’s say 3 days non stop, and I still did not see the cap. Not sure what KEMS are doing.

    About the Ministry Of Communications announcement. The minister himself said that they have lowered the price of the bandwidth they sell to ISP’s from something like 7,500 KD to 4,500 KD. The minister also said that starting from 1st August, the ISP’s will lower the prices and remove the cap. This news was published by KUNA, which is the state news agency. If they wrote that, then it was not rumor or something. The problem is, the ISP’s did not do the 2 following things till date. ISP’s are now silent, Minister of MOC is now silent, MP’s are now silent too. All these MP’s who were supporting the No limit campaign have vanished :( There was like 4-5 MP’s who questioned the Minister of MOC and till date, we did not get any answers or response from the MP’s! It’s like they questioned someone, that someone said something and then everyone just forgot about this. While we are waiting for some news till now and got nothing but a qualitynet new commercial that they are proud of. It’s like Qualitynet is more proud of doing commercials(marketing company) than try to improve their service and get the internet market share which they can if they improve their customer service and improve the infrastructure.

    Last but not least, the only thing we can do is go and protest on the streets in the area which is approved by the Ministry of Interior. A good proper and legal protest just to make some awareness about Kuwait’s situation in the technology field. Let the Kuwaiti people know how our GCC neighbors have improved their technology field and have improved the services to their citizens while lowering the prices as well.

  3. Abdulla

    Any idea if viva internet will remove their caps or not?

  4. Abdulla

    Anything from viva about their caps?

  5. شكرا على الخبرية الحلوة :)

  6. O

    I called them up yesterday. Had a problem with my internet.. asked them about the caps.. they said we still have them.. but instead of daily.. its monthly.. my monthly cap is about 48 or 58 GB I don’t remember exactly.. thats for the 2 MB. so if you are on the 4 MB. you have a higher cap.. lets say 100? hypothetically . you were in your 200 GB download and you’ve reached 42 GB that means you still didn’t even reach my cap.. you will hit a cap sooner or later depending on whats your cap.. monthly thing can be worse or better.. depends on how you use it.

  7. الله يبشرك بالخير إن شاء الباجي بعد يردون الشغل أحسن من قبل بعد

  8. Kotakoa

    كذب كذب كذب

    مابيكسر راسهم الا هجمة عنيفة مثل ماسووا الهاكرز

    تسقط جميع شركات الانترنت ولنحرر الخدمة من قبضة الحرامية ولن تنطلي علينا ابر التخدير الإخبارية مثل هذه


  9. I hope it’s true… I don’t trust them any more.

  10. Spartan

    dude im with fastteleco too…believe me, the cap is still there..its so frustrating

  11. If this is correct, all my subsequent internet subscriptions will probably be with fastteleco because they were the first to back down.

    On the other hand, I have no intention of dealing with gulfnet ever again because they were the first to implement these illegal caps. not only that, they didn’t offer to refund me for not honoring our contract.

  12. Some sort of anouncement will be coming soon regarding when it has been effective but I think they are systematically removing it! Right now I haven’t hit the Cap yet! But at least they are removing it and I hope they come up with a plan!

  13. RBJ

    Try to hit 140gig, that’s the limit for 4mb connection or so the tech support said to me once.

    Also, I don’t think they removed torrent throttling because it only move fast for me in the morning, all the other time I need to use VPN just to download anything via torrents.

  14. MBH

    If it’s not written in the contract, I’m not gonna believe them.

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