Blackberry 9900 – Lighter, Better, Stronger

We have all reached a point with our Blackberries when we wanted to throw them at the wall. I got the Blackberry Torch when it first came out and I gave up fixing the issues that it had, my email never worked on it. I didn’t think of purchasing another Blackberry really until there was a lighter one and with solid operating system. Recently my Torch has been restarting on its own and with the announcement of the new 9900 I was looking forward to trying it.

Initially I’m not too fond of the Bolds but I needed a thinner Blackberry and wanted to move on from the Torch. I was hoping that the new operating system would be vastly better then before, and I liked that it booted so quickly. I got to playing with it right away and started moving things around, and I liked the OS and the feel of the phone. Its a solid phone but not too heavy, very good for a 5.0 MP camera since other phones have surpassed that now. I especially love the rubber on the outer edge on the rear of the phone and the carbon fiber back, gives a very clean and light look to the phone. It has more of a brushed aluminum frame then it does a chrome frame, thankfully I hate chrome so it isn’t too bad once you see it. Overall its a very nice phone built by RIM with a nice and smooth operating system, I’m going to put it through it’s paces once I’m done transferring one phone to the other. Got the phone for 243 KD unlocked from outside of Kuwait and that includes delivery, if you are looking for a new BB and you want it light then this the phone for you.

Thanks to TouchOfMeh

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  1. Berserk-KW

    Mabrooook man!

    I have been waiting for this phone for so LONG.. but after reading some reviews.. finding out that the camera is not autofocus.. also the smaller sized battery… I feel RIM did not do the best they can with this phone..

  2. Congrats man. Just keep in mind that this just might be the last Blackberry you would own if they dont get their sh*t together.

  3. @Berserk-KW – Agreed! They improved on a few things but left a few things out!

    @bobbity – I will write my experience with the battery and I’m using it pretty constantly! And 243KD is the best price that I could find on Ebay for an unlocked phone delivered to Kuwait! So its not too bad in comparison to the other prices ranging from 300 to 400 KWD! lol

    @N – Very true! Its high possibility that the company might not survive at this rate! They need something better then just a minor hardware improvement!

  4. Damn, 243 KD for a BB! I promised my daughter to get her one, I hope they reales it here with a cheeper price.

  5. He he! Can’t wait to put my hands on one of that!

  6. S

    You got it from a canadain subscriber didn’t you :p you should have tride Bell or something else. Rogers is always always over priced!
    Bs alf mabrook :)
    Oh and I know this cause I study in Canada lol ;)

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