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It no news that I am a huge fan of Moleskine products and almost every notebook they have come up with, I haven’t had enough material or things to write and draw in all the books I have from them but still I can’t help picking one up whenever I see it. At last Moleskine has decided to open an online store, after such a long time to find each and every Moleskine is now so easily available on their website and I didn’t realize there were so many different kinds of Moleskines, I was very much tempted to make a purchase while surfing the site but I will myself from clicking the purchase button.

Link: Moleskine

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  1. @e7mood – Lol! I’m sorry but I do not know you! hehe! But I’m happy you are enjoying the topics!

  2. N

    I have the Pac-Man edition of Moleskine… you can’t beat that!

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