I think at this point we all have thousand and thousands of pictures stored on our hard drives between all the camera and phone pictures we take. I find it very hard to decide what pictures to put up on my wall, it really is a very difficult choice to choose 10 pictures from over 10 thousand to print and where to put them.

Now CollageWall is something I have been thinking about for sometime now and I have really come up with a very nice idea of putting pictures and patterns together in the perfect way. The prices are rather reasonable, ranging from $50 up to $600 depending on the number of pictures and the size of the pictures you have in mind. The best part of the whole thing is the fool proof installation of this photographs.

Link: CollageWall


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  1. Very nice… Perfect in fact.
    Delivery to Kuwait may be an issue!

  2. Very nice idea but I doubt the pins would fit in our walls here, they are made for wooden or board walls.

  3. This is a great idea, we have so many photographs and we still haven’t put anything up coz it’s so hard to pick a few from the lot. I’m just worried about all the drilling though.

  4. @Bu Yousef – I don’t think it would be too big of an issue! It would be worth it if you have a lot of photographs!

    @Xoomer – Use small nails instead!

    @FJ Bliss – Yup!

    @Mona – You don’t have to drill! Just use small nails! Also you can try using a panel then nailing these to it! It would be cool!

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