Riding Around The Corner

Ramadan has been amazing this year, I just love Ramadan in Kuwait even though its hot you get to see a lot of family and friends, it feels like your working a day shift and a night shift but your getting a lot done. I get excited about water activities and riding every weekend, its only the weather that decides what I do and I know its still too hot to ride but once or twice over the last few weeks I went out for a quick joy ride, even though its still pretty hot at night.

The funny part is that the rest of the world rides when its too hot for us to ride and I honestly get jealous that they can ride and I can’t. I have been looking at parts nonstop for the last few months to upgrade and customize my Diavel to my tastes but as usual very few parts are available for this lovely beast, and I have to wait until the Italians get back from the holiday this august to see any parts at the beginning of September. I know I’m still a few months off from Riding but it doesn’t stop me from getting excited, I see the bikes every other day in the garage I can’t help but get pulled to them and take a look at them. I have modified a few things and luckily the first thing I changed was the exhaust and it sounds very beefy right now. I have ridden in a few different countries over the years but I would love to take my Ducati out of town with me, it would probably Pyro because I just love that bike so much. I can’t wait until its riding season but for now I’m going to enjoy the water as much as possible.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I need to take some pics of the diavel

  2. @id – Its a beautiful beast! Let me know when you want!

  3. O

    This is too good to be true..

  4. @id & Marzouq: That collaboration definitely needs to happen! I want to be there for that please :)

  5. I know the feeling bro, I was supposed to go on vacation this year and do some mountain riding with friends but that didn’t happen. Hope you get to go on the road soon inshallah.

  6. Bo_7amad

    Hi Marzouq mashalla nice bike. How much is Tristar selling them for ? and do they have used ones and for how much.


  7. Bdair

    Marzouq u should take your bike on a road trip to lebanon… Weather in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon is amazing!!! Temperatures reach 17Celsius at night, Good weather and beautiful curves in the mountains

  8. @O – lol! why!

    @elwehbi – We will be notifying after Ramadan!

    @Q8 All IN ONE – I’m counting the days! It does feel like your getting released! lol

    @essa k alessa – I have had my eye on Rizoma for the past two months! lol

    @Mathai – Thanks buddy!

    @GTcollector – There is another one I saw! With Ducati superbikes and BMW! I want to do one of those trips but it really has to be timed and planned out!

    @Bo_7amad – Honestly I forgot but I do know there are some used ones that they have! Which will probably be sold during the next month or two!

    @Bdair – Its on my to do lists but Syria is not a place I would like to go at this moment! I would love to ride off the plane on this bike!

  9. coolbiker

    TriStar just advertized arrival of new Diavel shipment. Also I have seen the boss’s personal unit which you might be able to talk them into selling. Good luck

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