Review: Blackberry 9900

After using the phone for the past 10 days I have really put it through its paces, overall I really do like the phone except for a few small issues which I am overlooking because its a pretty good phone. And its now getting released around town for 190 to 200 KD and the carriers will have the soon with packages, if you are looking to upgrade your blackberry then this is a decent choice.


  • Excellent Screen
  • Very smooth Operating System, OS 7 has made the right kind of improvements
  • Excellent Browser
  • Thinner then all the other BBs
  • Nice Carbon Fiber and Rubber Back, doesn’t slip from your hands and can slide on a table if you want it to
  • Excellent quality build
  • 8 GB internal Memory
  • Very nice Keyboard, feels very good when using it, nothing beats a Qwerty keyboard
  • Loud Speaker, had to lower the volume because it was too loud
  • Charges very very quickly


  • Lighter then the previous Bold and Touch but still a bit heavy
  • Crappy Camera – No Autofocus
  • Crappy Battery, barely lasts 6 to 8 hours from normal use, but if you switch off 3G and keep it 2G only it increases to 10 to 13 hours
  • Price – A bit on the high side

Overall I am very much liking the Blackberry 9900, its smooth, very well built phone from Blackberry. But what I found surprising is that it doesn’t have autofocus which is a very big disappointment. Battery life isn’t that good, I think we all got used to crappy battery life from all the new phones, when a while ago all the phones had two to three days worth of use, to get decent battery life from your phone you have to switch off 3G and it will easily last the day. Overall this is a decent phone with a few drawbacks that I mentioned, but Blackberry has to do a lot better then this to win people over. Their operating system has improved but they need to change their tactics because they have lost a lot of ground to Apple and Android.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. khalid

    only one question

    it doesn’t released yet !!!!!!!

    how did u managed to get it?

  2. Thanks for the review. I’ll definitely check it out. I have BlackBerry 9780 and it’s good so far.

  3. great review. agree about Auto-focus and battery issue. not sure why BB always leaves a “but”. Wataniya will release it on 28th of this month and for 179 KD price. or pay 99KD and sign a commitment for 18 months.

  4. Bobbity

    1. Update to OS .296.. it should have better battery life.

    2. Whats the problem with no AF? it works just fine? What type of photos are you trying to take? There more then a number of ways to get around the issue such as using zoom or the number of settings on the device.

    3. The iphone 4 is 240KD when it first came out.. 180KD for a more powerful phone is not expensive.

    Thanks for the insight though.

  5. Bobbity

    4. Wifi hotspot will be available within a month.

  6. hot spot is a must. thanks bobbity.

    and i think 179 is not bad

  7. @khalid – Got it from Ebay last week with the unlock code!

    @Reema – Anytime!

    @QABAQ – Those are pretty good numbers and Wataniya is a good carrier! I’m assuming it will drop in price once more are in the market!

    @Bobbity – Thanks! I will update it for sure! Honestly without the autofocus a lot of time the pictures aren’t good and you expect a phone of this caliber to have highquality pictures, at least better then its predecessor, in this case the old Torch is MUCH better at pictures then this phone! Yup the price isn’t too bad at all for a new phone! Happy to provide a few details on the phone! I will be sure to test out the hotspot ability!

  8. bobbity

    there is an image stabilzation function on the phone. an AF will take better pictures though, especially close up, but for everyday use the difference shouldnt be that big except on macro and text.

    EDOF cameras take better videos though :)

  9. O

    Its all over the market as you said 190-200 KD. and there is two of that phone. No difference except for the CDMA.. which isn’t much of tell-a-who 9900(GSM) and 9930(CDMA).

  10. G-Funk

    No thanks… I’ll wait for the next iPhone :-)

  11. Nice, phone looks clean, we may need to stock some bumpers for it, cheap of course.

  12. Good review but Blackberry is dying I doubt they’d do well!

  13. Need to upgrade my work blackberry and this is the first time im tempted since i bought my current original bold. I think i saw its available with arabic keyboard, Thanks for the review.

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