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I have two cameras which I am extremely dependent on and I swear by them because of their quality, consistency and overall ability to still work after my heavy usage. Once you start with a brand its very hard to go back because you start collecting lenses and they only work with a certain brand in my case I went with Canon and never looked back. I can admit that other brands make amazing cameras such Leica, Nikon, Sigma, Lumix, and Sony. DSLRs are great cameras that taking amazing photographs but sometimes they are too bulky to carry around, and I’m tempted to try out Four Thirds Cameras which also take interesting pictures.

Constant Use:

  • Canon 7D
  • Canon G12

Here are a few of the tempting new cameras that I have been looking at, I wouldn’t mind just renting them and trying them out. I would honestly just stick to Canon for now, I have always been eyeing the 5D MII but I love my 7D, does everything I want and more, but for few interesting cameras the ones below have peaked my interest.

  • Sony A77
  • Sony A65
  • Leica MP-9
  • Lumix GF3
  • Sony NEX-7

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  1. Every since I bought my first DSLR camera taking pictures was a delight. Camera’s are like cell phone brands, when you’re comfortable with a certain brand, will be really hard switching.

  2. I have a Nikon D3100, I don’t think about changing it until a couple of years from now since I’m not a heavy user, but I do see people saying a lot of good things about Canon, so I might go with that next or maybe I’ll stick with Nikon, depends on what cameras will be out by then. The Nikon I have shoots create videos as well.

  3. I have to keep reminding myself that photography is my hobby! Otherwise I would buy even more than I do now – something my wife can’t imagine is possible :)

  4. @Kuwaitiful – Very true! Its extremely hard to change! I’m still tempted to try a few out!

    @Mashanne -Its very hard to change because you start investing in the lenses and you want cameras that

    @BuYousef – Lol! I understand what you mean! I can always have to stop myself, saying that I didn’t get all that I can out of my equipment yet! Not even close!

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