Gallery Tilal Photo Frenzy

At last one of the gallery’s is holding a photo exhibition, there is a lot of talent in Kuwait and Gallery Tilal is having a Photo Exhibition or Photo Frenzy for the whole month of September which I think is fantastic. Four Exhibitions reflecting four different types of photography, I am excited to see what they have lined up and I’m sure its going to be fantastic, there will be a type of exhibition each week so I’m hoping that I will be able to make it, I do love the categories they have chosen.

  • Fine Arts Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Female Photographers
  • Underwater Photography

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That’s a good step to support kuwaiti talents 9ara7a

  2. I love it when there’s exhibitions like this. We need more cultural programs.

  3. I must find some time to go. This looks good and you’re right the categories are very interesting.

  4. @Q8Stig – Agreed! They should have more galleries and more often!

    @Mathai – Exactly! We do!

    @BuYousef – I hope to make it to all of them! Curious what they have up!

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